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Managing bronchiectisis

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I am in my early seventies and for some years have been diagnosed with Bronchiectisis

While I am managing this condition I would appreciate fellow sufferers to comment advise and see if we can be of help to each other.

I am new to the group and have very limited time to be on computer.

5 Replies

Hello rajram and a very warm welcome to you, although I am sorry you have bronchiectasiss. I am also in my early 70s and have had bronchiectasis from 5month old baby,

Could I clarify if you live in the UK as it would be easier to know what health provision is available to you.

It would also be helpful to know how you are being treated at present and is there anything specifically you would like to ask.

I am sure our BLF will appreciate your input as we help and support each other.

Love cx

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Hello fellow sufferer and welcome to our friendly, helpful forum. I am also in my early seventies and have suffered with bronchiectasis for sometime. I nebulize colomycin twice a day but when I see my new consultant I am going to discuss this long term use of a antibiotic with her. I suffer with a number of other health problems but am still fairly active. I belong to a Womens Institute, go on trips with them, a walking group, craft group, Exercise Group and a Sustainability Group. Perhaps you would like to tell us a little more about yourself now that you have introduced yourself. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes, Chrys

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Hello rajram,

For the best advice contact The British Lung Foundation. They have a website or ring the helpline : 0300 030 253

Meanwhile as a Bronchiectasis patient I've found the following helpful:-

Eat healthy small meals

Drink plenty of fluids - decaff tea and coffee.

A little pineapple juice helps.

Pace exercise and activity allowing plenty of breathing breaks

Do the lung clearing huff cycle

Practice relaxation

Be up to date with your medication

Join a BLF Breathe Easy Support Group

Enjoy the things you can do and ask for/accept offered help for those you can't manage

I'm sure lots of other people here will add good ideas


Welcome to the forum rajiram. There are many people on here who can inform you.


I too am in my seventies with Bronchiectasis asthma and COPD! Unfortunately I’m unable to walk far, even with oxygen, so my life is pretty restricted! I’m permanent antibiotics which certainly help with the constant infection, and try to enjoy what I can do! Perhaps you can tell us how you manage your condition? Take care.


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