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Copd and panic breathing.

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My hubby has severe copd and has been in hospital with chest infection but his breathlessness is made worse when he starts to panic,the hospital has put him on 1mg of lorazepam to take when he needs to ,has this been any help to other sufferers,he has also started a course of Erdosteine which he takes with his rescue pack but while in hospital they would not give it to him.

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I have lorazapam 1/2 mg when needed to help me relax .the panic to being breathless can be helped by breathing out ( through pursed lips) for twice as long as you breath in , this helps control the breathing and helps to slow the heart down which during a panic attack can beat rapidly , hope this helps

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Thank you its a struggle to cut them in half they are so tiny i will give him your advice

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You can buy pill cutters in pharmacies

Yes I take halve a tablet lorazepam when I feel panic attack coming on it helps to relax and find it very good consultant even gave me some oramorph which is good to help with breathing and helps to calm you down so I get them now on repeat prescription which is good he will learn how to cope with them with pursed lip breathing I do it now I have not had a panic attack for over 3months now just by learning how to overcome it with breathing and reading book on it plus I have all the admonition to fight it now which makes me more confident

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Thank you they gave him oramorph when he was in hospital but not prescribed them for home ,i didnt know they could give you both .

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Yes see respiratory nurse and they maybe can help you I get oramorph for breathing and lorazepam for to relax me half pill you can get pill splitter for about £2 out of Amazon

I am the same. I copd when my breathing not to good I get worked up and panic

I have joined a group I live in Birmingham community nurse reccomend it. We are taught how to breathe in through out through the mouth slowly it works. Also on lorazepam which doctor and nurse reccomended it put under the tounge let it dissolve it gets into your system also put on orimorph as and mainly when we go out I have a small dose it helps and my oxygen bottle when out. Hope all goes ok.

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Thanks for reply he is so scared of going back in hospital on bipap machine he's getting himself worked up the last time he couldnt handle it and had to be put in induced coma but he needs to control his breathing the lorazepam is half a tablet every 8 hours.

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Yes I was on half tablet 4 times a day. Ask doctor about orimorph I was to take it about half an hour before going out. I also use mask that I have to wear all night because I retain CO2 But when they first tried to get me to wear it I would start to panic took time for them to get me used to it and i was the same with xrays the hospital worked with me and going to breathing groups certainly help being with other people who had similar symptoms and problems. Have a chat with rehabilitation. Hope your husband can get through things. It took time with me poor hubby kept having to call for an ambulance because I couldnt get my breath and it was with me anxiety and paiv attacks. But being taught how to slow the breathing down helps I was told breath in through the nose out through the mouth slowly and evenly xx

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Tell him to ask the doctors to leave off with bi pap machine and let the carbon dioxide leave his body naturally. Takes a lot longer but is possible.

Yes he will manage it if he sticks to purse lip breathing and take his lorazepam just practice his his breathing and he will get there practice makes prerfect

I take half a tablet 0.5mg of Lorazapan if i am going out for the day as helps with my breathing and prevents panic attacks. I also concentrate on my breathing whilst walking and stop now and again to get my breath back. I dont take it every day only when I feel a bit anxious. Sheila

I took it for a year for panic attacks until my Dr. Took me off I meditate now if I start to panic.

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jimmyg23 in reply to Roessner541

Yes they stopped mine to when I told the respiratory nurse at the hospital she phone got it straight back on my prescription

After 19 days in ICU 4 years ago with pnuemonia I suffered dreadful panic attacks. The GP allows me 1/2 Lorazepam for each time I need to face a potential hazzard such as getting into a shower. I also started a cousre of seeing a psychotherapist. It has helped and as someone else mentioned pursed lip breathing helps. Blow all the air from your lungs through pursed lips as hard as you can then breath in through the nose for a shorter period.

Panic is about losing control and this breathing helps restore your control.

Is your husband using diet to control the inflammation? I have had a lot of success with removing gluten and dairy from my diet. Recently I got an upper respiratory infection and for the first time it didn’t send me to the hospital!

I had to be on it for about a year because my panic attacks were so bad. Sometimes my sister strokes my back to get me out of that mode. My doctor has taken me off the medication and I now control my panic with breathing inhale two and exhale 4 to 8 counts. I do it until my breathing calms. This works pretty well for me. It takes a little time to get down.

I get Anxiety/panic attacks was also put on Lorazepam. It can be addictive so I only take it when needed - keeps you calm - normally lasts about 7hrs.

Hello There, A friend sent me the link below on UTUBE which I found very helpful. Maybe it can be of help to others suffering with COPD.

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