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local pharmacies have started outsourcing prescriptions . officially 3-5 days .In Practice a week

. If a repeaT then should keep yours in stock> NO problem.

IF urgent then it will be sent else where, by driver , not electronically.

this is to reduce their costs. But who pays the driver ? It then returns dispensed a week later.

So take your scrip to a chemist who legally should then dispense it for you - if they have it in stock. if not go to another chemist who just might have it.

I have Bronchiectasis and have requested a repeat of my rescue drug by Emiss , very useful, but it is not on repeat, so on Monday night the surgery pharmacist will phone me to ascertain, what I do not know. ? They do not have a scrip for it. I had to get a scrip for a second week 10 days ago as I was only given a week originally . I can tell them when both of these were issued but that is no good.

I dont need this right now. It is to keep for any time in the future. So make sure you do have a rescue antibiotic for prompt use.

the person who phoned me from the surgery was very clear about this but " could not possibly comment " when I asked her.

An obviously com mercial decision.

This follow s the local surgery changing its system of booking an appointment. This is now equally diificult to access.

A word on telephone would mean waiting a whole week and I havent managed to sort out how to see a doctor. I know there are problems with staffing but you c annot be ill at all now. it will mean yet more pressure On A&E

4 Replies

Our country seems to be going backwards not forward! Its a nightmare worrying if well get our medication.


Yes I was a bit nervous when my pharmacy started to send prescriptions to a hub.

If you go in with a drs prescription,you usually get it straight away. It’s been ok so far,butIdo check what’s in my repeat bag

I do get paranoid about my rescue meds.

Have got them in a poly box - labelled along with steroids,Am on steroids,but have extra in case of emergency.


I use a Boots pharmacy for my monthly repeat and for the last few times have had nothing but problems with my script, either having to wait for ages because they can't find it or meds missing, I think they use a central hub as well. I usually have 10 items on my script and last week the pharmacist took nearly 45 mins to find everything because the central hub had actually put them in 6 separate bags instead of the normal 1 or 2 paper bags


Yes , and using sealed heavyweight plastic impossible to open .Even my kitchen scissors couldnt cut it. So you cannot check it is all there. It wasnt so i had to find the rest. -one of these bags and one ordinary plastic bag containing the rest of the scrip. You had 6 bags. ! How stupid. All plastic ?


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