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My normally very controlled asthma is not good at all. I have had a horrible virus and am struggling to get my asthma back under control. I have doubled my steroid inhaler and taking lots of ventolin. I will go to the gp tomorrow. Any advice for help in the meantime would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Sorry to hear that elong. Best thing is rest up as much as you can, stay hydrated and go to A&E if your ventolin isn’t working (but I hope you don’t need to). Get well soon. It can take ages to come back after a nasty virus. X


Poor you, it sounds very difficult. I have asthma and bronchiectasis and when my breathing is playing up even with my inhalers I often use a steam inhalation as this soothes the airways. Worth a try and you can’t do any harm using hot, but not boiling water. Boots do a good gadget so that you do not need to use a towel over your head. It has a bottom part that holds the hot water and an upper part that fits over your nose and mouth. I can’t seem to tolerate adding scented or things like Friars Balsam but some people find they help too. Good luck with the GP appointment.

I have asthma and bronchiectasis and when I get ill I can suffer for a long time even after taking the dreaded steroids. I have even been to A&E where other patients waiting to be seen moved away from me due to the dreaded cough in which thought I was bringing my insides up- only to be told my chest was clear and go home at which point I broke down and asked to see a chest doctor. it took a while to recover . Hang in there and rest and drink lots of fluids x

Hi. I know the feeling, I 1st started getting pneumonia and chronic chest infections in my 50s. It turned out to be due to my asthma taking downturn - took 3 years to discover that! Such a bad time I ended up with bronchiectasis too. It took a while to get meds right for me, we're all different after all, but now I'm very happy with my inhaler Fostair and rarely need ventolin. I can take 2 puffs 2 x daily when I need to.

Hope it turns out to be that simple for you elong. Good luck. P


Hi, If you are going to your GP today he will probably give you a short treatment of an antibiotic together with a specific steroid "Predisalone" which can vary in number, to be taken once a day with your initial antibiotic. With luck that should bring your asthma back to a more normal level, he may also add a further steroid Spriva.


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