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mesothelioma - anyone tried Opdivo or Yervoy?

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Hello I am looking for some advice on mesothelioma, I know there is no hope, but maybe I can at least alleviate my dad's condition - he is short of breath, extremely weak and has chest and arm pain.

I read about Opdivo/ Yervoy immune therapy (I believe nivolumab and ipilimumab are the exact drug names), could anyone share his experience?

Do you think giving him intravenous injections of glucose, vitamins, protein solutions could improve his general condition? Would it be safe to do it at home?

Shall I look for a lung ventilator like the one COPD patients use, will it do no harm?

any advice will be helpful

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I would email asbestos diease specialist.

From your post can see have looked into pathology of mesothelioma AND yes lipeas dose effect how food is absorbed

Apartly its immune response to toxic fibers

Am not sure about intravenous food uptake BUT have read nivolumab and ipilimumab might work in that fashion and help absorbsion.

Also aspirin aparanlty as very good anti mesothelioma property

I would stick to fast absorbing food stuffs AND email expert in field and look for trials

As to ventilator that might be worse thing if don’t know what your doing

Seek professional help from someone aprochable in field

BUT I will ad i knew lady who survived it and she very approachable GOOGLE Mavis Mesothelioma and should find her and she might put you in touch with specialist in field.

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