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Please give me some help


Hi, I need help to give up smoking, if got copd and I'm struggling with work and so much want to get my life back. I was on 30 a day but have cut it down to about 10 but that's not good enough. Please someone help me.

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I cannot really give advice because I did it cold turkey, but try going to these:

I sympathise with you - I have over the years given up & then subscumbed yet again - I have tried the nicorette on various occasions - I have had followed diets, had acupuncture, hypnotherapy, & recently the 'dummy' - the e-cigarette - sorry after reading about people dying from the e-cigs, has frightened me, so yet again I have given in to the old nicotine - all I can say is I apologise to those who don't like it, or approve of it, but we could be doing far worse things - I have never in my life taken any drugs (illegal) & if I want to smoke I do it without offending anyone, we do not smoke in the house or car, nor with anyone who does not - we try & keep it to ourselves (my husband smokes a pipe) - it is hard to give up as I have tried so many times - but at the end of the day - I have been through so much in life why not just live life & enjoy - sorry people may take it the wrong way, but you read about these wonderful people who have a drop of scotch & a smoke every day living to over 100 - what is life about enjoy it & if you slip on the way, so what . Enjoy

Hi 4yewtree,

In my case I was having severe problems even cutting down my smoking, the turning point for me was my first grandchild,I realised that I would probably not see him growing up, then and there I decided no more.

I know I was fairly lucky at the timing of this.

That was me.

Maybe there's something in your life that you would like to see or hate to miss in the he future that could push you to stopping the weed.

Best of luck

Keep us updated please.

I stopped through hypnotherapy, I used patches until my appointment. They only relieved the cravings, hypnotherapy changed my subconscious mind set, snd stopped even thinking about it - good luck, you can do it!!!! 💖

I found it easy with Will Power . Wanting to be around for my family and see my Grandchildren grow up is the best motivation..The cough goes and lung function improves so why would anyone continue to smoke baffles me.x Sheila.

I stopped smoking in stages. First I didn't smoke until midday. When I could manage that ok I cut back to not smoking until 6pm when the news came on. When I could manage that ok I set the date for stopping smoking 1st August 1985, and haven't smoked since. I also analysed my life, looked at my favourite times for having a fag and changed my behaviour: eg. a cig with coffee after a meal; so I changed to drinking tea and did the washing up straight away instead of half an hour later. I also replaced the hand to mouth action of smoking with eating sunflower seeds singly. And I brainwashed myself with information about all the damage smoking does to the body: looked at awful images of blackened lungs, furred up arteries, heart damage, etc.

Good luck.

Hi I was a very strong smoker , 40 a day sometimes 60 if I was stressed .I developed severe emphysema and had to give up I went to a no smoking clinic and was prescribed CHAMPIX and after 7 days I've never had another cigarette in 14 years . Good luck . X

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I asked my surgery for champix and they don't give out prescriptions anymore! Gutted iv tryed everything else .😔

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Oh I'm sorry but have you tried the no smoking clinics or classes ? I hope you get some help soon . Good luck

Love Babs ♥️ x

It took me three attempts , but I got there in the end with patches and staying away from places where people smoked. Only down side is the weight. But to spite that according to my doctors I am fit as a fiddle and don't need any think only painkillers. :) :) have to let them think they are right.

Go to the Chemist and ask about going on a course of Champix tablets

I was told I had mild copd in 2009, I gave up smoking for 2 yrs then started again and stopped and started until admitted to hospital twice in the last 2 months now 2019 I have severe copd and wish I had stopped much sooner, I still want a cigarette but it is getting very scarey. I am so breathless, do nothing much, don't go outside anywhere, waiting for pr, so do give up if your smoking. Take care

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