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Pleurisy/Precordial Catch Syndrome

Hi. For the last 24 hours I've had sharp chest pain on left side when taking deep breaths. Usually when this happens (once every few months or so) it goes away within minutes. I've had PCS since I was a child, but worried it could be Pleurisy since it hasn't gone away.

What is the difference in symptoms between Pleurisy and Precordial Catch Syndrome/Texidor's Twinge?

And how should I treat this? I've tried breathing in deeply to "pop" it but it isn't working!

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Hi there are no medics on here to diagnose you so I suggest you make an appointment with your doctor. I hope you find some answers. x


I totally agree with hypercat54, please make an appointment with your GP. I hope you’re feeling better soon. Take care xxxx


Yes Doctors the best 1 to advise. Ask all the questions you want dont let him rush you Hope alls ok BRIAN

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Hi there, I know I'm rather late in replying but two of our very knowledgeable members @sassy59 and @hypercat54 have said exactly as I would have and advised you to seek medical advice. So please come back to us and tell us how you got on. Knowledge is key to all us "lungies"!! 💞

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Hi! I was advised to go to A&E to get an X-ray and ECG and nothing showed up on either. Doctor couldn't figure out what it could be and said it was highly unlikely to be a blood clot, so I was sent home with strong Ibuprofen in hopes that it would help with inflammation (if that's what it is). So far is hasn't eased so will just have to wait and see if it gets any worse.

Thanks all for replying!


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