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Lung nodules

Hi all I’m new year

Back in June I went to a&e with breathlessness and a pain in my upper right chest when I took a deep breath. (I also had been burping non stop for weeks previous)

Anyway a CT scan revealed multiple nodules on both lungs, and a radiologist opinion that these were secondary cancers . I was booked in a month later for a CT guided biopsy on at this scan it showed a significant reduction in nodule size. They concluded that I likely had an infection of cancer these would have been bigger and there would have been more off them plus the fluid on my lung cleared which was there in first scan , the shape changed also which I was told was not characteristic of cancer

They will bring me back in October for another CT scan , I’m very anxious about this I still thing my lungs aren’t great I would be slightly breathless if I was climbing stairs plus my chest feels tight so I am always loosening my bra.

Has anyone anyone experienced anything similar I am just so worried good stories only I just wish I had no symptoms as I think an infection wouldn’t take this long to get over


Ps all my bloods were clear with the exception of my inflammation markers

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Hi, I am a little confused, do you already have Cancer, a primary Cancer for the Radiologist to suggest the nodules are secondary Cancers?

First I will say that 1,000's of people have lung nodules without even knowing, ie. they are pretty common.

The "burping" can be a result of rapid shallow breathing causing a swallowing of air.

I have a dozen of them that have appeared over the last couple of years, a nodule can form from damage/scarring caused by infections and the majority are benign.

The fluid that was in your lungs was probably as a result of inflammation, you say you have"inflammation markers" so you may have Eosinophilia, a sign that you have an allergy which can be treated. I have this as well.

If (note, a big If) one of the nodules does end up as a malignant Cancer then please do not worry, from what you have said, it sounds like they have detected it very early. It can be cured with several options of treatment.

Your anxiety is not doing you any favours and can actually cause you to experience breathlessness, so please try to relax and use some sort of distraction to take your mind off it, reading a good book will help with that.

I know from first hand experience of all of the above. I had a malignant lung tumour 18 months ago and it was treated with SABR, a type of radiotherapy. It has shrunk and stayed that way ever since. My Oncologist has said "That with caution, I think we have cured you".

One very important piece of advice is if you smoke then quit now. Nicotine will affect any treatment for Cancer negatively and it will also interfere with recovery.

I hope that I have eased your worries somewhat. It is not a nice place to be, to be told that you may have Cancer with the whirlwind of negative thoughts.

Best wishes to you and I hope that all your worries are false.


Thank you for your reply no thankfully I’ve been told I don’t have cancer although the first radiologist report was of the opinion I did and these nodules were suspicious of secondaries,

second CT Scan one month later showed significant improvements with reduction in size of nodules so they concluded that I had infection and inflammation.

They will do another CT Scan in October. I just can’t content myself until I feel 100% and I know that will come with less anxiety and more sleep. So I have been reading lots and trying to get daily exercise.

Thanks again and I hope all is well


That sounds really good then. Fingers crossed that nothing else happens :)

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