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Findings no one told me 😡

Sorry to bother you all again it’s not been long since my last question to you guys, I got back the rest if my medical records yesterday ( I was missing two years so I like to make them up to date after a lapse) As we all no wen we go to A and E we always have a standard ecg but reading my report from April’s ecg has got me a little worried and also angry as no one told me, these were there findings :

Firstly my heart is reading almost 10 tears older than what it is

Probable left atrial enlargement

St elev probable normal early repel pattern

Baseline wander in leads 11,111, avf

I remember having this and asking the nurse “ everything ok” as we do , and she said the dr will speak to me about it and yet when I confronted him he said it was fine, well obviously not!

So anyone out there experience any of this I would appreciate any info as obviously I’m a little concerned and can I change any of these findings to be normal and bring my heart back to it’s correct age.


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You might wish to "follow" The British Heart Foundation forum as well as this one to answer your heart questions. Link below, just click on the "+ follow button" first to make a post :

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Thanks yea I thought so but I’m hoping someone here has anything they can relate to.


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