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Shingles inside ear😪


Anyone else had this! the itch is actually driving me crazy I’ve steroid drops to put in my ear starting today. I’ve not slept properly for days now and told today it could last for months!! The doctor thinks it’s neuralgia

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Oh, how awful for you. Sorry I can't help. Just hoping it will be gone a lot sooner than a few months.

Shingles can last for a long time but hopefully not in your case. I do hope you’ll feel better very soon. Xxxxx

had shingles my self so know how you feel ! It effects your nerve endings and can cause a lot of pain. At the worst stage mine lasted two months then began to ease. Mine was down my left arm and shoulder.

Oh dear - hope you are feeling better soon and the steroids work quickly. x

Did the doctor look in your ear to rule out a fungal infection?

Weejenny in reply to Superzob

Hi there I was treated last week for an infection with sofradex drops. I just don’t understand it the itch was so bad yesterday and through the night and today it’s calmed down but I’m just waiting for it to flare up again 🙁 I’ve been given amitriptyline to take at bedtime prednisolone ear drops three times a day. The itch is deep inside my ear and just a form of torture 😳 I can cope with the pain

Hi Weejenny.

Have they given you Gabapentin? There is also another thing they can give you but I can’t remember the name. It’s the same as dentists give you to deaden the gums. I think you rub it on though. I really feel for you. My Mother had Shingles and she really suffered with it. I hope you get some relief soon and maybe someone will come along that can give you the name of the thing I was saying about.

Hi there I’ll suggest that to the doctor I’m willing to try anything. It’s so hard not to use a cotton bud 🤭 it’s just torture the itch which is deep inside my ear, I’m coping with the pain for now goodness knows what will come next. I just hope I get my hearing back soon I’m so deaf!

Oh Jenny, I'm so sorry for you. It's painful just reading your messages, I do hope they find you some relief very quickly.

Weejenny in reply to Don-1931

Thanks Don I love your dog by the way we lost our jack Russell a couple of years ago we have a terrier now but my husband would love a jack Russell again he called him the wee gangster but really he was a softie just all bark Robbie we called him

Hi Jenny hope it clears up quickly for you, can't imagine how awful that must be 😥 I've had shingles on my chest and that was very painful. Wish you better soon 🙂 xx

The Dr told me I really need to cut down on my use of cotton buds... but it went in one ear and out the other...! :)

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