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How can i manage my worse morning condition???


i had an infection few days ago.Though my condition has improved but i feel so much exhausted,tired at morning.I can't breath in, move and so much coughing and mucous.

How can i manage my morning worse condition.plz provide me some suggestion. 😓😓


I have bronchiectasis+CF

My Meds are

1.Preds @20+0+10

2.Montelucast 10 @ 0+0+1

3.Theophylline @ 1+0+1

4.Antibiotics (Amoxicillin+clavulanic acid) 625 @ 1+1+1

5.Fexofenadine @0+0+1

6.Calcium+vit d @ 0+1+0

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Hi Abidul

Infections can take quite a while to recover from. Im not too knowledgeable about Brochiectasis but there are lots of people on here who are and they’ll be along soon to help you out. You are on a wide range of medication there which must be addressing your concerns. I’m a great believer in vitamin c and a good, varied diet to build up the immune system.

Take care and hope you improve soon.



I feel at my worse mornings too. I take a dozen meds or more. Spiriva respimat is what helps me the fastest.


Hi Abidul

I am a lot older than you, being 60 years old, however I too have bronchiectasis and cf. Like you, I find the mornings much more difficult, with coughing, phlegm and a sore head. I do ten minutes of gentle yoga stretches as soon as I get up and that seems to help loosen everything and help with my morning respiratory physio. I also sleep with the head of my bed elevated by six inches. I use blocks of wood to do this. I think because the body is still overnight, the mucous builds up more easily in the lungs and that is why we feel worse in the mornings. I suffer with chronic sinusitis too, so I inhale eucalyptus and tea-tree oil in a steam inhaler, which seems to help. Getting plenty of sleep is important too, I always feel much worse after several late nights.

Sorry I can't be more helpful and I hope that you start to feel better soon.



Thanks,i use 2 pillow to i start a walk for 15 minutes in the morning,taking hot tea too.I find its helping me.Thanks for your kind response.

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l do not know why we do not use more supplements to

help with our immune system,thereby keeping infection's

down ? l use HempSeed Oil,Kelp,Magnesium,Turmeric with

Curcumin,Garlic,Astaxanthin all being Natural with no

additions.Also use Phyloplankton in a cold drink,good for your

immune system.The Kelp putting back valuable Iodine which

is lost as you move on in years.


Hi Abidul, Like you the mornings can be bad, but unlike you I often can't shift the mucus. I sleep sitting upright with 3 pillows and am oxygen overnight. Sleeping flat would not be an option for me. I currently have an infection/exacerbation which as you say is exhausting. If you have a problem shifting mucus then nebulising with a saline solution will help move it. I'm not sure what I have to say is useful but if you're not sleeping in a slightly raised position then perhaps you should consider doing so. I hope the infection passes quickly.


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