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Benice Jones Proteins DON’T You Just Love 💕 Them

We’ll saga continues with my Benice Jones Proteins.

Every test as been inconclusive for Proteins.

Clearly the looking for something BUT when I dabbled with my microscope 🔬 and blood smears AM sure i seen some light chain.

Anyway it’s all been going on AS heart arrhythmia monitor go’s back AFTER 5 days of sinking feelings hot sweats

Never pressed button as was all the time so wrote across diery felt like s### every day describing sinking feeling.

Clearly as guy don’t think am cut out for hot sweats BUT talking. about hot sweats got to go see colonoscopy doctors again.

And all that is with out gut stomach issues compressing my lungs

Thrilling eh who would really want to be ill

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So it goes on eh JAS. Hope you can get some positive help for your health problems. You look great in the big specs.

Being ill sucks so do take care. Xxxx

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Hi sassy defo agree Really dose suck ... everything else I can cope with apart from sinking feeling hot sweats

Not really sure what all that’s about BUT as defo effected how long can stand up n help dad

Anyway doctors are being proactive just wish would disclose tad more BUT would I really want them too.


Glad doctors are being proactive and hope things improve. Good wishes to you and your dad. Xxx 😘

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Wishing you all the best with the tests, at least it seems like they’re looking for answers. Hopefully something can be done to alleviate these hot sweats. Thinking of you and your dad.


Hi hungryhuff cheers n thanks

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