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Hi hope everyone is well.just want to say it's hard to live in fear and I just don't want to do it anymore.i walked by my roommates room he left the door open and there was a square plastic object and I thought it said Glade on it but I could not be sure,then I thought I smelled something and was about to go in his room for just a second but I knew he was coming in from outside any second so I didn't.i asked him you using any air freshener again he said no way got rid of everything.i could be mistaken it may have been deodorant cause I never seen a square Glade air freshener.10 minutes later he was shaving his door was open I walked past the square object was gone,again it could have been deodorant and he just put it away.umtil I am able to get my own place this is going to continue it's just who I am and I hate living this way.my fears are however justified I read a ton about how bad those dam things are.they are so bad the CDC has banned them from all there buildings I read.he swore to me he has no air fresheners but I just want him to know I can smell the dam things a mile away.i feel great and have no problems at all but the dam things make me feel terrible even though I have no breathing problems.in a day or 2 I am going in and asked to be considered for full time if something opens up so I can live in peace.i am great for a week and if I think I smell the dam things in here I freak out.something has to change,this is not a good way to live.peace

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Hello Hope,

Indeed you must look for somewhere to live on your own because as long as you are in shared accomodation and living with other people you will be plagued with worry. And at the risk of sounding impertinent, your room mates must also be somewhat stressed by the situation as well. Take care.

Cas xx 🌷


Good luck at work and with a better place to live. I hope things work out well for you. Xxxx

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