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Inogen One G3 Oxygen Concentrator for sale £900

Hi All,

I have an Inogen One G3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator for sale. I appreciate the cost of these machines. I am looking for £900 not including post and packaging. I am in the Greater Manchester area and can offer delivery within 30miles of my location. Please enquire directly.

It has been hardly used, purchased 2017. Full Service July 2018. 290.46 hours use.

I am selling as a bundle which includes:

Inogen One G3

X2 Double batteries

x1 Single battery

Carry case

Portable battery charger

7 unopened Canular connections.


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Hello Apint - you have placed this advertisement on the main board where it will quickly drop out of sight as new posts are added.

The best way to bring this to the attention of the most people is to reply to the Respiratory Equipment for Sale thread here:**brand-new-thread** then follow the instructions under TO ADVERTISE AN ITEM.

This is in the Pinned Posts section and means it will be easy to find for anyone wanting to purchase equipment.

It would be helpful if you include what range your concentrator covers, eg litres per minute (lpm) as members will need this information to decide on whether or not it is suitable for them.


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