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Good deed (anything for mum)


Did my good deed for the day/year for my mum, took her to London to see my aunt who lives in Woolwich yesterday. Apart from the stress of the journey (1 1/2 hours) which I haven’t done since my operation and driving around a strange place with the cars driving like lunatics and the air so thick and heavy (can’t imagine how people with lung conditions manage), the wind was so bad it really took my breath away that we weren’t able to go out for a walk. Today I feel as if someone is standing on my chest, I have used my inhaler and nebuliser but nothing seems to work. It was all worth it though to see my mum and aunt together that I wouldn’t change a thing.

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That was a brilliant thing to do Bel and I hope you feel better soon. The pollution in London is dreadful. Take care xxxx

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Thank you x


Oh dear, what a day to be out and about! That was a great thing to do for your mum and aunt, and I'm sorry to hear you are now suffering. If you feel really bad and nothing is working do call 111 for help. But if you feel you can cope, then rest and relax as much as you can today and if you're still feeling below par tomorrow, why not phone the BLF Helpline (03000 030 555) tomorrow and ask their advice.

I hope you do feel much better tomorrow. Best wishes, Annie :)

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Thanks for the advise Annie, think I should go to the doctor today as not any better.

Well done Bel! It does feel good to do something for our mums. I wish I could do more for mine. 😓 xx

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Thanks, it does feel good just grateful that I still can x

What a star you are! Must have been lovely to do that for your mum and see her with your aunt.

Hope the cost to your health isn’t too great and you recover quickly.

Take care


Thanks Corin at least I am just about able to do it.

Bel1966 you did a wonderful thing for your mum and aunt. I am sorry that you are suffering because of the pollution. I hope you feel heaps better soon. x

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Thank you, I feel a lot better today but I don’t think I will be doing it again too soon.

What a privilege to be able to do that for your mum Bel1966.

I’m sure she must be overjoyed to have seen her relative.

Hope you feel better as the day goes on.

The privilege is having her as my mum with all the support she gives me. Yes, it was as they were both overjoyed.

Just seen this post and the word Woolwich stood out forme, I was born in Woolwich and lived in Plumstead, not far away. Woolwich was always busy, with market and shops and the Royal Arsenal. Several cinemas, I am talking about the war years, I left Plumstead when I got married in 1956.

Sorry you had such a tough time there, often wonder how all my old school friends are fairing. Hope you get some relief from your doctor. Best wishes Iris x

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