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No energy ot appetite

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I was diagnosed with copd n left the hospital with 02

My doctor took me off the oxygen during day.ots like a new world but I still have no energy. I can sleep for 4 days n still be tired

Anyone else with no energy? I have had asthma for years but never suffered from lack of energy. Being nose blind has caused me to lose weight. I forget to eat. I either can't sleep or sleep for days. Looking for balance as far as sleeping

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Have you had your vitamin d checked ??

Unfortunately lack of energy is par for the course for us copd sufferers,see about getting on a pulmonary rehab course this should help boost your energy levels but eating right taking your meds diligently and being positive will help , I'm not on o2 so I cant really comment on that except to say if you have had your o2 regime changed that might account for a drop in energy , good luck anyway

Hello Pinky, good to see you again. Have you spoken to your doctor about your lack of energy? Is there any kind of pulmonary rehab where you are?

Pete is tired all the time and doesn’t sleep well but he gets through each day. Take care and hope you get some help. Xxxxx

Hi Pinky, Yes Like Carole, Good to Hear from you. I too have had bad times whereas my Energy has Gone, Though I do keep up with Exercise and eat a low calorie Diet, Sometimes I need that Sugar Boost to regain some energy, I could easily say No I can't be Bothered, But I won't. I am still having Oxygen 16/7. I take Vitamins which do Help. I hope you can find your Energy Hun, Don't give up on it. Please see your GP maybe to ask for Vits, take care Hun. Love n Hugs C. XXXX

Try to set up a calendar routine for yourself, to ensure you eat a meal at a set time, take meds, do a little exercise. This can really help when you forget to eat.

I have asthma not COPD, and when I have an exacerbation like I’ve had these past few weeks I loose my appetite and have no energy which makes sense to me as if you can’t breath properly your body doesn’t get enough o2 to get going. I do deep breathing exercises which I find helps with the breathlessness. Hoping your energy picks up soon!

Have you been tested to see if you are a Carbon Dioxide retainer? When I first left hospital with O2 I seemed fine. But I used to wake up with severe headaches which would go away without treatment once I'd been awake and up for a couple of hours. I was tired all the time and apt to fall asleep anytime I sat down for more than a few minutes. I was checked for CO2 and found I was a retainer, so I was given a BiPap to use overnight. It's not easy getting used to the mask, but the results were amazing and made it worth continuing.

Have a look at this

It's a sleepiness test that's used for all sorts of conditions and may be useful for you to take to your GP.

Best of luck :)

Hi Pinky

You have been given some brilliant suggestions above: vitamins, exercise, regular small meals, bipap machine. Please follow them up as my husband began to feel and look so much better when he ate regularly, took vitamins , got a bipap machine. We have a constant battle with eating as he doesn’t have much appetite and is sometimes too breathless to eat.

Someone on here recommended Lucozade the original type and he drinks a glass of that alongside fruit and tomato juice each day.

I also bought some Ubiquinone which someone else recommended which he took for a while. It’s very expensive and not sure whether it helped or coincided with a good spell.

Take care of yourself and hope you start to have more energy soon


When i had these symptoms, it took months, but they finally found out i had a vit D deficiency. It may be worth checking

Kindest regards


Just a suggestion but look up signs of 'CO2 retention'. I found it quite surprising.

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