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Caspiana...A new lung


Yesterday I received an email from Caspiana advising that she had received "That Call" from the hospital, telling her to come in as they had a lung for her.

I have not heard from Cas since so I can only assume that she did have a lung transplant yesterday.

If you are of a mind please keep Cas in your prayers during this testing time as she starts recovery.

For those who did not know, this was a battle being fought very courageously for the past several years.

In Japan you are only offered one lung.

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Hi, I know she was having 1 lung only, as I was waiting for 2, I do hope all has gone smoothly and Cas will be back with us all very Soon. Please , if you can, give her all our Love from her Loving Lung Buddies. Big Big Prayers and Positive Love going to Caspiana. XXXXX Carolina.

I hope she is alive & well❤❤❤❤🎈🎈🎈🎈🤞🤞🤞

I am sitting here thinking of Cas and praying that wonderful person will come through the op and everything works out for her. She deserves it and a lot more. Bless you Cas.

Love and hugs Bev xxxx

Hoping things have gone well and we are all thinking of her with love 💕X

Snoopy if you do not receive many replies don't be offended or alarmed.we all care very much but BSA-3 has already beaten you to the scoop and we are all rooting for dear Cas. :)

Ski's and Scruff's

Thanks skischool,I was not aware that anyone had posted re Cas.

Snoopy the important thing was getting that message out and we thank you for doing so. :)

Thinking of her and wishing her well.

Still thinking and praying for our dear Cas’s recovery. Hoping all went well. Thank you Snoopy. Xxx 💖🥰

Thank you very much for your post. Apparently the op was scheduled for 6am UK time. So many of us are thinking about her.

May I take this opportunity to wish you well too. Best wishes. Peege

I did know about this and send my warmest wishes for a swift and full recovery. Much love to our lovely friend and lung compatriot. Thanks for info Snoopy. X

All good wishes. Hope everything progresses well.

Thanks for thinking of us, Snoopy . Are you a friend of Chom’s? We are all rooting for our dear friend and hoping her op is a complete success. She so deserves this after waiting so long .

Best wishes


Please send her me love if you speak to her. I know she has waited a long time for this and I hope she has a speedy recovery . Mandy

in reply to Mandy6513

How are you Mandy? I have not seen you post for a long time. Did you have your transplant yet? Best wishes.Patches

in reply to Patches2

Hi 😊 no I'm still waiting it's been 2years one month and to be honest it's flown past but I hope every day I get that call. Hope you and your family are well xxx


She is on pur prayers. Hope she is well. X

She is in my thoughts and prayers. Such a lovely caring lady xxx

Hoping to hear good news soon, Cas is still in my thoughts and prayers xx

I’ve been thinking of Cas all day and wondering how things are going. She is in my prayers. 💐

Pray the operation went well Cas,and by Gods grace you'll be chatting with your family on here soon,our love always God bless nareshX

Sending every good wish to Cas...for her new lung, great breathing and good health...

Blessings constantly on the wind to her.....

Meg 💕

Prayer was sent and I know the man upstairs was listening. She will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Hope all goes well.

As someone who has recently undergone that surgery i know what Casp and the family will be going through. My best wishes go out to all involved and knowing how mentally strong Casp is have faith that she will go from strength to strength. Will be thinking of her.

Thinking of her ❤️xx

Thinking of Caspiana I hope it went well x

Good luck Caspiana. Thinking of you. X

Good health to Caspiana and thoughts to the kind donor.

Saying a prayer for lovely Cas x

Thank you so much for the news about Caspiana, fingers crossed all goes well for her, will be in our prays and thoughts as this is a major op.

Yes I will pray for Caspiana that she has a great recovery. Thank you for sharing the news.

Hi there Snoopy...Thank you for that. I am praying for Cas and if you can please tell her I am also thinking of her intensely! Loads of love to her❤❤❤🙏

Hugs, Bev xxx

Much love and prayers are sent to our Caspiana for a healthy and speedy recovery, we are here holding her hand every inch of the way, please keep us updated xx

all prayers and good wishes for Cas - She will be often in my thoughts x

Cas is in my thoughts and prayers.

I do hope Cas is ok and is recovering well .Please send her my very best wishes and lots of love and hugs ,and hope it won't be too long til we hear from this brave lady in-person.

All my love Babs ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

I am praying and thinking of you, love and big hug❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hope all has gone well for Caspiana. xx

Sending prayers for her. I hope she is well soon. xx🙏

Lots of prayers, positive thoughts and hugs xx

Although I am fairly new to this website, just to say I shall be praying for her.

Praying all has gone well, and that Caspiana makes a full recovery

This is fantastic news I hope the lung is a perfect match and she makes a full recovery.

Has anyone heard anything from her family since yesterday

Thank you for the update and do please convey my good wishes and love to Caspiana. We are all praying for her in our own way.

She so deserves this opportunity.

Sending her much love for a speedy recovery and wonderfully good health to follow.😉


Hope all went well, thinking of you Cas xxx

go on cas get in there all the best and a fast recovery

I was thinking of our Caspiana last night at 10pm, as BSA-3 had also given us the terrific news and that was the time she,fingers crossed,would have started her new journey. (I think it was another member and good friend,who gave us the approx time).

I'm so very hopeful for Cas and can't wait to hear how things are going for her.

Thank you for your message.

Joining everyone else in praying&thoughts!Cas is such an inspiration!!

Well wishes and prayers for Cas. 🐞

Good luck caspiana i am thinking off you all the best xxxxxxx

We all know and love Cas and are well aware of her struggles and am so very happy to hear she finally got the call for the transplant and pray all goes well. Of course we may never know the extent of her struggles as she was never a complainer.

That is fantastic news. I hope all goes well for her.

Thinking of her and wishing her a speedy recovery xx

Thanks for the news and I wish her a speedy and successful recovery from her transplant operation. We are all thinking of her at this time. xx

Prayer for Cas


Japanese healthcare is magnificent.

Someone (with COPD) told me a transplant may last about ten years.

Couldn't it be a precaution that one at a time?

Less invasive for the lady to cope with?

They are extremely precise.

My thoughts and prayers, too.

Sadly, in Japan,due to a shortage of donors, you are only offered one lung.

I have met ladies who are now 29 years and 22 years post transplant and still going strong.

I am hoping that in time Cas will be on here to tell us all about her experience, but it will take time. She will remain in hospital for at least 12 weeks undergoing rehab and close monitoring by the medical team.

I've just got round to reading all these wonderful messages. 😃😁😊 Thank you for posting. 🌷

I must add however that Japan does do double lung transplants but only when completely necessary. I got one lung because my disease allowed for it. In the case of a CF patient that wouldn't be so.

Thank you again everyone. xx ❤🙋

Hello Cas. My heart sings every time I see a post from you. I hope you feel a bit better and things get a little easier every day. 💐

Thank you Huff. ❤😘😃 I want to keep in touch more but with one thing and another I seem to be swamped everyday. But when I get home I will do better. I hope you are well and your lovely sheep. xx😉😄😊

I’m not surprised you’re swamped with stuff, in fact it amazes me you find the time and energy to talk with us. I can barely imagine what’s involved in rehabilitation from such major surgery, my only experience being mine from lesser things, and my dad’s from open heart surgery. But eagerly awaiting the day you’re home and back to sharing your tales of Chom and photos of your village as it grows.

Hello🌺Have you perhaps heard about Cas? Thank you❤❤

Morning Hun, No News received yet, I Know this is a Huge Op, Recovery isn't normally so quick, maybe a few more Days we will Hear some News. XXXX

Aww best o luck “ keep my fingers crossed ❤️ x

Sending love and prayers to dear Cas xxx

I’ve not been on here for a while. I must have known!!!

Sending my love and healing prayers xxxxxxxx

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