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Ipf - use of 24 hr oxygen

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Hi all, husband has IPF and is in 24 hr oxygen. He is having trouble with his nose being blocked and sorry to sound gross but has to pick to release scabs to be able to breathe. As he is on warfarin it then bleeds, rescans and the process starts again. Anyone else suffer like this and have any tips which might help, many thanks

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Hi. I'm sure someone will be along on soon and can recommend a water based ointment or cream for this problem

Nasal saline spray or water based lubricants like KY jelly.


Oh this is a common problem and it's difficult to find something because we can't use a lot of things due to the oxygen. My respitory nurse told me to buy a tube of biotene gel and it does the job fantastically.

KY jelly is safe to use and does the trick. Pound shop.is just as good , look for water based lubricating jelly . Works in no time.

I saw a Ear and Nose Dr. He said to start using a Lubricating Jelly in the nose as often as it is dry.

I agree with everyone, don't use "Vaseline" it has Paraffin in it, I tend to read all Cream/Lotions Labels for this, amazing how many have Paraffin, I was going to Buy Aveeno Body Cream, it too has paraffin. Baby Aveeno is ok. Sudocrem is ok for your Nose also. Hope he finds relief. It's the Oxygen by Cannula. xxx

Oxygen company recommended ky jelly. It seems to work.

cut the canieler down to about half it helps to stop this prob

Hi My name is Vron, I have had the same problem for about 15 years , The way I cope with the nose problem is to use Olbas oil on a tissue and sniff it, and I put ky jelly up my nostrills which helps a bit I allways say if snot was a pound a tissue full I would be a millionare three times over good luck and try and keep smiling if you can Love Vron xxx

I have read that pure aloe vera gel is safe to use.I undertand the problem,when I was on oxygen 24/7 in hospital with pneumonia for 9 days I had a very 'crusty' nose.I luckily dont use oxygen at rest now so dont get that problem anymore.Keep it moist and it should help xx

Have you spoken to your oxygen supplier? If you have not already got one fitted, it may be that a bubble humidifier might reduce the drying effects of the oxygen. Worth a phone call.

Thank you for your reply, haven’t heard of this, just googled it, will speak to oxygen supplier and nurses we speak to about his IPF, many thanks

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