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Dear Forum Members,

It is with the utmost pleasure, ( and not a little trepidation, ) that I'm writing to tell you all that this morning at around 6a.m. British Time, finally and at long last Caspiana got the phone call she'd been waiting so bravely for. She was then taken to the hospital that will perform the transplant.

I was asked to inform all her many friends on the B.L.F. forum and to say that she'll be back as soon as she is well enough. As such I have no further information and unfortunately I am therefore unable to answer any questions you may have at this time. Should I learn anything new and I'm asked to post about it, then obviously I will.

I think we are all too aware of just how massive an operation this is so I'm quite sure that I won't be alone in sending her my love, all the very best luck in the world and with everything crossed for a speedy recovery. I'm certain she'll be back on the forum regaling us before we know it and for me that could never be soon enough ! I look forward to being able to post any news as I am asked to but for me, it would be infinitely preferable if she were able to post her news herself.

The transplant is scheduled for tomorrow at 6a.m. Japanese time providing the lung is a match and compatible. Thank you all for reading.


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Nick, Thank you for posting....sending all my best wishes and thoughts to Caspiana.

Everything crossed as you say.


Hope all goes well Cas and your recovery is speedy. Good luck, thinking of you and my prayers are with you.

Love Bernadette xx 💞😊

PLEASE pass on love from me and TWINKLE when you can

I am holding her hand and praying fir total success.

Thanks for letting us know about this lovely lady . Hope all goes well for her xxx

Thank you so much for the much awaited news regarding dear Cas’s lung transplant.

I’m sure we’ll here from her as soon as she’s up to posting.

Much love Cas and gentle hugs. Thinking of you. Xxx 😘💖💕🥰

Good luck Cas you deserve it thinking of you at this time xx

Thanks for posting. I too wish her all the best and hope the lungs are a perfect match with an excellent recovery. Not forgetting, of course, her faithful companion, Chom, who will also be missing his mistress.

Wonderful news and i know that she has longed for this moment for some time but also she had great fear about the possible outcomes so although not religious i will cast a wish to the universe that all goes well for her and she is soon back with us with those wonderful new lungs.Please all think also of the very generous donor and their family for this gift to Cas,

Thank you for letting us know Nick.

Ski's and Scruff's :) x

soulboy118 in reply to skischool

Here here

Badbessie in reply to skischool

No further words needed, your sentiments say it all.

Yes a thought for both Caspiana and the family of the donor, willing it all to go well.

mellyme in reply to skischool

Ski and Scruffs- so perfectly stated!!!

skischool in reply to mellyme

We need a complete and swift successful procedure and a rapid recovery,don't forget a miniature fishing village needs to be completed and i am sure Cas is aware of that and it's importance will aid in her recovery. :)

mellyme in reply to skischool

The authorities will be contacted pronto! :)

skischool in reply to mellyme

Cas will laugh at your reply when she comes home and i don't doubt that you will be in trouble for it as i will make sure she sees your flippant may well feel the teeth of Chom in your rear end. :)

Fantastic news. Thank you.

Good luck and best wishes caspiana ,hope all goes well for you xx

Be good chom, mama will soon be home, woof from arthur, hugs from Jane.

This is wonderful positive news. I hope the lungs will be compatible for Cas and I'll be thinking of her this evening at 10pm, which I calculate will be 6am in Japan - I'm sure someone will tell me if I'm wrong.

Much love, strength and positive energy winging round the world right now.

Annie xx

Sending love and best wishes to Cas 💕X

Oh fantastic news fingers certainly crossed for her best wishes being sent 💞💞💞💞 good luck Cas

Very brave and talented lady , I'm sure everyone has only the best thoughts for her and let's not forget the brave donor and their family .

Thank you Nick.

Heartfelt wishes for a smooth op and an uneventful recovery.

Sending you lots of love and very gentle hugs.

With love


Keeping everything crossed for a match and speedy recovery. Thank you so much for sharing the news and look forward to hearing from Caspiana x

Thank you for this good news. Hoping that everything goes well for Caspiana.


Thank you for letting us know. Every good wish to Caspiana for a good outcome and trouble free recovery.

Thanks for letting us know. Please send my love and best wishes to her and will pray all goes well. Such a nice lady Caspiana is 🙏😘🍀

Brilliant! My best wishes to Caspiana both for tomorrow & her recovery afterwards - I'll be thinking of her. Thank you for the news!

Fingers crossed all goes well Cas. Hugs and kisses Mollie xxxx

At Last , I have been out all Day, So to come Home and see this Notice , I am over the Moon my Dear Lung Buddy Cas. Thank you so Much for making me Very happy to Read this wonderful News. I am with you My Darling Buddy. All Will go Well, I feel it. Thinking of you Every Minute Cas. Love & Gentle Hugs My Dear Friend. All my Love to You & Chom. XXXXX

Oh my goodness brave Cas. It is all so sudden though I knew she had been on the waiting list for a while. Fingers crossed that all goes well for her. I am not sure whether to be dismayed or pleased coz as you say it is a major op. I hope darling Cas comes though it with flying colours. I am not religious but will be praying for her.

Thanks for letting us all know and please pass on my love when you can. x

Thank you for keeping us informed. Give Caspiana the biggest (virtual) hug and tell her I'm sending my love. xxxx

Thanks for posting, she deserves the very best outcome. 🤞🤞

Thanks for letting us know this wonderful news. Hope it is a match so the operation can go ahead . Wishing dear Cas all the best for a successful outcome and as Soulboy said kind thoughts for the donors family.

Good Luck and best wishes and a hug for Chom


We are so incredibly grateful for your report. Thank you.

good luck cas hope hear from you soon

Thank you so much Nick. Sending loads of love to our Dear Caspiana, one brave lady ❤️❤️

I havnt been on for two weeks, as still away on holiday, just popped on site to see this wonderful news... Wishing you the very best for the opp and a speedy recovery....sending reiki healing your way...hope to hear from you very soon xxx

Sending love and thoughts to our lovely Cas.

Hoping and wishing for everything to go well and a speedy recovery after.

Wishing Caspiana all the best for a successful op & speedy recovery x

Very best wishes for a perfect match and an uncomplicated recovery for Cas, and a little prayer for the surgeons who'll be doing the op'- and for the donors family. In my thoughts till we hear more news xx

Thanks so much for letting us know. I’ll be thinking of Cas and wishing her a good recovery. We will miss her and the updates about her village which hopefully she’ll be back to working on soon. Sending all good wishes her way. She will be in my prayers, as will be the donor’s family. And not forgetting Chom who hopefully is being looked after by someone who’ll spoil him as much as Caspiana does 🐕


Fantastic news. Sending her all my very best wishes and look forward to hearing all her news when she is back on the forum. I always enjoyed her posts. 💐☘

At last, a dream come true for Cas ❤️ So pleased to hear that she has at last the chance of new lungs. Big love and gentle hugs to you, Cas. Wishing and hoping all is going perfectly for you 🌹🌱🌿🍀🌈 xx

Oh brave my thoughts and everything crossed that all goes well 💗

Sending many hugs & much love

Sue XxX

Dear Nick,if you have some way of conveying these replies to Caspiana as and when she has recovered from the trauma of the operation i am sure we would all be very grateful and also that Cas would be delighted to receive and hear/view them.

i know from previous experience that sometimes these simple things are almost of a medicinal value in that persons recovery and well being.

Thank you

Ski's and Scruff's

BSA-3 in reply to skischool

Dear skis,

It was my fullest intention to forward every word to her at an appropriate time. Also, I think she has full access to the forum anyway and I'm fairly certain that she'll be on it as soon as she is able. I think it will be a kind of lifeline for her because, as I understand it, she has to be in a kind of quarantine for a time. Thank you for the thought though.


skischool in reply to BSA-3

Yes i understand that the regime in Japan is far more rigorous than here in the uk and she will spend a considerable time in the hospital and i imagine with their technology and Cas's determination it should not be too long before she hears from us,but obviously the daughters,family and of course Chom must have first bite at the cherry :)


BSA-3 in reply to skischool

Hi again,

Japan's transplant system is indeed very rigorous due in no small part I think, to the fact that it is almost insular as a nation and as such they have a very limited organ pool which means they go to what seems to be even greater lengths to ensure the transplant is a success when compared to other countries' methods. To my mind this can only be good for Caspiana, albeit very tedious for her. 😴☹


skischool in reply to BSA-3

Having researched japanese hospitals and their medical regime which is heavily controlled by the attending physician and less focused on the patients wishes i forsee battles ahead for our Cas but she is a determined and strong young lady and i am sure she will overcome any obstacles in her way :)


BSA-3 in reply to skischool

Of that I have no doubts whatsoever ! 😅


Hacienda in reply to BSA-3

Hi Nick, Good Morning, Yes as Ski's says were all a big family, Cas & I go back from when we started our Journey on the Transplant List, We are Known As "Lung Buddies" I was waiting for two lungs, Cas told me she needed a Single Lung Transplant. I am wishing so Hard here That all has Gone well as my other Transplant Friends here in UK everything has gone well. I always kept her updated on their Progress after Their Transplants. Nick Do you Live in Japan? I don't Know you do I?, I am however, very Grateful for your Coordinating on Behalf for Our Cas. My Friend Was up & Walking 2 days after her Transplant, I was actually with her when this happened. We are all Different and Cas being a Strong Minded Young Lady, I'm in no doubt she will be back Talking to us All soon, along with Chom & her Daughters. My Love to Them All. Big Gentle Hugs Cas. Love you my Darling. XXXX Carolina. XXX

Mandy6513 in reply to Hacienda

I also have very high antibodies they were 93% last time but usually in the high 80s. Hope you and I both get our call very soon. Mandy x

Brilliant news fingers and toes crossed xxx

Oh what great news please send my best wishes to caspiana, I hope and pray everything goes to plan she must be excited and nervous at the same time. I will keep praying everything goes as it should and she gets the very best of treatment. Big hugs from the other side of the world ((((🥰)))) take care 🌹🌹🙏🙏♥️♥️

Hope the op goes ahead she is a lovely lady and I will be thinking of her today, hope to hear from her soon.

Love and best wishes to Caspiana X

Sending all the best of wishes xxx

Wishing all the best and speedy recovery big hug from Margaret.

Prayers for Caspiana, that it is a match, that she comes safely through the operation and is back with us soon.

Happy news for Caspiana! I wish her all best wishes for a good recovery, and hope to hear soon that she is making progress to a healthy future.

So pleased for you Cas , I pray all goes well and that you make a good recovery sending you lots of gentle hugs and a nice bunch of flowers to cheer you up 💐 Xxx Peg

With all these positive thoughts from all her friends, Cas will be strengthened and look forward to a new life, best wishes Cas, love Iris x

Thank you Nick for this wonderful news. What did I say Cas you and Chom will be running up that hill very soon. Love and Hugs Carole and Rosie 😘😘

Please send my very best wishes to Caspiana and her family and friends - thoughts are with you all.

Hope all goes well for the transplant and you have a speedy recovery Caspiana Thinking of you. Hopefully we will hear from you in the not too distant future. Anita x


Thank you for letting us know. Good luck Cas....I'll be thinking of you and hoping that all goes well. ❤❤ XXX

Love from me! xx Moy

Wishing Caspiana a perfect match, safe operation and a great recovery. Such a positive person and always upbeat. I have admired her a great deal. thoughts and prayers and love, Polly X

Thank you. I'm also on the transplant list here in the UK and I know she's waited a long time. I will keep her in my prayers and look forward to talking to her x

My thoughts go to Caspiana. I hope it goes well and Chom gets his mummy back soon.

Wonderful news :)

Wow that is awesome news and will pray everything goes well and that she makes a speedy recovery.

Hope it all goes well for Caspiana, will be thinking of her. xxx

Thank you for letting us know that Cas has had the call. I pray and hope that all goes well xx

Thank you for letting us know. She's a wonderful person and deserves a wonderful outcome from this transplant. My prayers and all best wishes are with her x

Best of luck!


My very best wishes to you dear Cas prayers everything goes well for you. 😘Xx

Saying a prayer for you Claire x

Wishing our very much loved girl all the very best wishes in the world and hope to hear from her,just as soon as she's able. P.S. Love to handsome Chom who obviously will be missing his mummy very much🐕 xxxxx💞

Prayers on wings of angels for you Cas. 🐞

Very best wishes Caspiana x

Sorry that I only just read your post Nick.

Dear Caspiana

If anyone deserves this it is you.

May your god watch over you every second of your time in hospital and guide the surgeons brains and hands to give you the utmost care humanly possible.

I look forward to your wonderful posts reappearing very soon.

With sincere good wishes to you and yours

and love, 😉xxx

Thank you Nick for letting us know. All good wishes and prayers for our dear Caspiana lv Barbs x

Oh my goodness 🙏🙏🙏 lots & lots of love coming her way , wonderful news 💛💛💛💛👱🏻‍♀️💛💛💛💛

Sending kindest wishes, good luck and so much love out to Caspiana and wishing her the speediest recovery possible. This loveliest of forum members will be in my thoughts. xxx

My very best wishes and a speedy recovery to Caspiana 🌷

A sincere wish and prayer for a successful outcome for such a dear lady.

I missed this post but commented on another post, just wanted to say thank you BSA-3 for the update. If our Caspiana reads through the posts wanted to wish her well and send my love and gentle hugs, just know the amount of love being sent through the airways to you will have all the angels sitting up and taking notice, so they will be with you also. We are here to hold your hand every step of the way. Stay strong and build your strength every day. Look forward to hearing from you soon xx

So hoping you are through the operation now Caspiana & all is well. Thinking of you. Hugs Margaret xx


Hoping you had the op and all went well lovely lady, get well soon and take care of yourself 😊 Bernadette xx

Thinking of Caspiana, wishing her well x x x

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Hope you feel better soon xx

Hello Nick, I was a regular until recently when my life got way busier and havent been on for ages. Completely missed your post letting us know about Cas.

Cas - you are one of the sweetest, strongest and bravest women I have come across.

I hope you get this message so late in the day, sending huge love and good wishes for your recovery which I hope is now well on its way. Love to you and to Chom xxxxxx

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