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what else can i do ☹️

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right im sorry everyone i no everyone has seen many posts from me about me being so worried im just going to wrote everything again i am going to try get in doctors tomorrow so dont no what to say

i got told when i was small that i had asthma but as my parents said i never had problems..ive not grown up i am 22 now i have real bad anxiety,depression and eating disorder i have been so scared ive been suffering with tightness its so hard to explain..as someone with anxiety im constantly looking online amd pages on here and if i see something bad ect im constantly thinking that is what is happening to me ive been to many doctors ive had chest xray,bloods and sportomety test..i just want answers to see if i still have it ive been for a review where they have said its really controlled (and to keep taking the brown) to me i take it i have ☹️ i keep thinking its asthma and its really bad ☹️ i keep thinking the worst aswell because i see “dint always go on your peak flow” “your oxygen can be good” or “you dont have to be wheezing” please what else can i do ☹️ i dont want nothing bad to happen its really got to me i cant enjoy anymore i am thinking everything is causing me to be ill ☹️ i just want to get to the bottom of it i habe asked for allergy test and it looks like ive got to go private,can i see a specialist ☹️ xxxxxx

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Hi I think you should go to your gp and ask to be referred for help/ counselling as you have said you have many problems which you have mentioned before on other posts I wish you good luck and hope it works out well for you.

Hopefully you can get an appointment tomorrow, and help with your anxious feelings.

Are you using your blue Ventolin inhaler much, or is the brown inhaler keeping your asthma under control.

I have three now adult asthmatic daughters, as well as having asthma myself, so I know the panicky feelings and tight chest well.

Can you write down how you feel , all your worries etc , so you can show your GP, it may be easier for you to explain.

Anxiety, breathlessness, anxiety can be a vicious circle and difficult to break, but with help it can be done.

Remember too the BLF have a helpline , open tomorrow

03000 030 555

Shannon you have listened to more real life specialist on this site than you will ever get referred to in the outside world,we cover about every lung disease going as we have them all and we are telling you that you are OK so please believe us as we don't lie or try to mislead you so STOP worrying and go out and enjoy what will be a very long life.

Best wishes Ski's and Scruffy cat x

A bit harsh Bev but very true and by the time i had reached Shannon's tender age i had already completed 5 yrs in The Army but i guess some of us have led more sheltered lives and hopefully Shannon will finally take our advice and knowledge and move on to a better place with the help of professional counselling and the support of her parents. :) xx

I am afraid that is the nature of Anxiety,it doesn't listen to reason but i think enough advice has now been given and i would imagine that if it isn't taken then we will cease to respond. :) xx

'What else can I do'. Well you could come in and reply to us and let us know you have listened to our replies Shannon97

I’m sorry Shannon. I replied with kind and good advice to an earlier post, but I fear that continued replies are only fueling a cycle which may go like this “I feel so scared...What to do...Post on BLF....Whew I feel better for one minute...I feel so scared...” and so on. This behavior isn’t ever going to help you dear, and though I care for you, I won’t enable you. Get to a therapist, start to manage your anxiety. You will feel so much better physically when your mental state is set right. Take care little one.

Yes go to your GP. I suggest you ask for a double appointment to give the GP plenty of time. Write a list of ALL your worries/ailments/symptoms and take it with you.

Show the GP the list. Then sit and listen to the answers.

Hi during my life I have and still do suffer from anxiety. Thankfully over over the years I have leant a number of ways to cope. At times all the reassurance in the world is no good. I do in many ways understand how you feel. You do need help and my advice would be to seek help from your GP. Anxiety can become overwhelming especially concerning health matters and you need to take control back.

Dear Shannon 97 I wish that I could lift that burden off your shoulders. You are in your early 20's and it is sad that you are going through all this when at this age you could be enjoying life. I am sure that given your eating disorder your doctor would be monitoring you very well. And also you have had lots of tests and all seem fine. I am wondering what your fear really is. Because of your tightness in your chest are you thinking you are going to have a heart attack or something. Do go to your GP and be open about what you are really fearing. I hope you can get some answers. And don't be afraid of going to get some counseling if you are not already under a counselor. Best wishes for some peace of mind for you.

Chest tightness is a classic symptom of anxiety (I still get it occasionally), and is probably the most likely cause if you've been given the "all clear" in other respects. You simply need to say to your GP that, despite all the tests, you are still feeling anxious, and ask him/her for a referral to an anxiety clinic or other suitable outlet. Chronic anxiety is just as real an illness as asthma, so you don't need to feel worried about discussing it.. I'm sure your GP will understand this and make the appropriate referral.

Hi Shannon, you’re the same age as my youngest sister :) it’s such a shame to be feeling so anxious at your age. I’ve replied to one of your posts before.

From what you write here, I don’t believe you have asthma. I think your chest tightness seems to be from being so anxious and worried all the time. I’m not sure why you’re so worried about Asthma as it is a very treatable condition.

Are you on any puffers/medication?

If you are taking puffers (ventalin and/or a steroid preventative) there should be no reason to worry, if not ask your dr to see if you can try the puffers to see if you notice any different.

However I strongly suggest it would be best to get your anxiety treated with a psychologist and possibly some medication might help too.

It’s not nice feeling so overwhelmed all the time, I know this feeling well.

As well as all the good advice you've been given above, you could try the Headspace meditation app. There's a course on Managing Anxiety as well as many others that may benefit you.

Take care


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