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Hi there,

I wanted to say hello. I have today been diagnosed with COPD, I don’t know what stage yet. Been put on a twice a day inhaler and been given a blue emergency one. I gave up smoking ten years ago and know that I need to lose weight and start exercising. It’s all a bit scary and I’m feeling very emotional but any advice gladly accepted.

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Welcome to you PurpleAlf, it’s a shock to be diagnosed but do take good care of yourself, exercise and eat well and you’ll be ok.

I am carer for my husband Pete who has COPD and sarcoidosis, diagnosed in 1991 and still doing well.

Take care and wishing you well. Xxxx

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Thank you sassy59 and it is great to hear how well your husband is doing after such a long time. Thank you for taking time to reply 😀

Hi there & a warm welcome. I’m new on here too but already have found out some useful things.

It is scary but not hopeless.

Take care


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Thank you for replying Vee70, I am feeling a little more positive after reading through old posts x

Hello and welcome PurpleAlf 👍

Thank you HungryHufflePuff (love the user name 😀)

Hi Hun, Welcome to our Great Friendly Forum, You will learn so much from us Lungy Buddies, we are a Great Support Group. Enjoy. XXX

Oh, thank you Hacienda, great to hear from you x

I am new too and was very worried initially that I would deteriorate rapidly, however, the lovely people on this site have reassured me and I have learnt so much here. Good wishes to you and stay positive.

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Thank you Lemon7 😀

I too am new here, and I do regularly read through the posts and gain encouragement from all the friendly and positive replies.

I have just had my first COPD flare up and was terrified but this place calmed me down.

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Thank you Saro1 😀

Hi the one to use twice a day will be a preventer ie it opens your airways. The blue one will be ventolin (suboltamol) which is for use if you have problems breathing ie the emergency one.

Unless you have quite severe symptoms I would say you are probably mild therefore in stage 1 which is good.

There is lots of great info on this site and even greater members who will help and support you all the way. So welcome to our HU family and fire away with any questions or issues you might have.

Oh yes and it's good to meet you! :) x

I hope it is still mild, thank you hypercat54 😀

Hi and welcome to the site PurpleAlf x

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Thank you Izb1 😀

First thing to remember it is not a death sentence as most people think when first diagnosed. With the help of the sprays you will find that you will be able to live a normal active life. Its a very distressing diagnosis but keep reading the posts on here eat well and don't let it stop you doing anything that you want. Best wishes

Thank you rozzie1942, I did think it was a death sentence at first, I am now beginning to feel a bit calmer 😀

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Hi ya I felt just the same when first diagnosed, was very emotional and cried a lot, but after reading posts on here and finally, after 8 months of asking, been given a new inhaler which has Completely changed my life, I now realise that if you get the right medication you can live a great life with copd. Look after yourself, great to hear from you.

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Thank you Ceris, nice to know I am not the only emotional one. Picking up my meds tomorrow 😀

Hi and welcome. Whilst I hope you are diagnosed as mild, take it from me, that even if it is not you can still lead a good quality of life. I was diagnosed as severe 3 years ago and I still work full-time, this year I even took my family on holiday for a week as skipper on a sailing yacht, I was almost sailing it single handed. Life will still go on, do not make the huge mistake of becoming sedentary, keep active, even if it makes you uncomfortable. The more you do, the more you can do. I am 69 years and doing more than most healthy people my age, so can you.

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Thank you for the reassurance. We are big sailors and actually live on a houseboat ⛵️⛵️⛵️

Hi there welcome to the group.

Thank you katieoxo60 😀

If you're in the UK, ask your doctor to refer you for a Pulmonary Rehab course, which will help kickstart your journey back to fitness. If you life elsewhere, take a look at some of the BLF exercise videos. All the best.

I am in the U.K. and will do, thank you Ergendl 😀

Welcome I too am new to the group I have only been a member a week but had some brilliant conversations and already got some new friends.Everyone here has a different story to tell but we are all in the same boat .I haven't any advice as I am confused with what I've got Dr says it's COPD but consultant specialist report says it's Interstitial lung disease lots of scans ect waiting to go back and get a full explanation and ask questions as I was that shocked to see my lungs were heavily scarred due to building trade I on the CT scan I came away dumbfounded ..I'm sure you will get some great advice and if not keep asking ...

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Oh goodness Kakariki, I hope you get some answers soon, nothing worse than not knowing. Thank you for your welcome 😀

Hi PurpleAlf.

Welcome to this wonderful, amazing extended family of ours.

You will find folk here who have vast amounts of knowledge, first hand experience and empathy in volumes.

I am new this year and have benefited so much, I feel it has totally changed my outlook on my “ condition” and consequently my actual health.

In a safe place, anxiety is reduced, and you will never feel alone.

Good wishes.

That is lovely to hear, thank you Whitechincilla 😀

I was diagnosed with COPD 5 years ago , try to keep active .

Take care xxxxxx

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Thank you, I have just come back from a 10 minute brisk walk 😀

Welcome friend. Rule #1- Do NOT read anything on Google regarding COPD. Myths and unfounded info will scare you. That was my big mistake. Listening to these fine folks made a world of difference.

Hi Mellyme - my copd nurse said the same 😂 Thank you, Everyone seems great on here.

Welcome. This site will help you with questions, calm your fears and lots of times provide the quick pickup you need in the form of a silly rhyme or joke. 🐞

Thank you Nicholatracy, it is certainly helping 😀

helo, i was told I have empherseyma 3 years ago, I had part of my lung removed and im now 70 and still going,Good days and bad days, try to do whats right for you and don't just sit in the chair get out and breath.

good luck


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Thanks Brian, that is very reassuring and I am so glad you are doing well 😀

Hello, my mum was diagnosed with COPD in November last year. Since this she has detoriated in health. We haven’t been given much information from the doctors or hospital. She has recently had a flare up which has lasted over 2 weeks now and is still ongoing. I’ve been trying to find out of anything I can do to help her or try and make her more comfortable to the constant issues with breathing. I would appreciate any ideas or advice that you may be able to give if/when anybody has time. Thank you.

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I am sorry about your Mum, but perhaps you ought to rewrite this as a separate post so that more people see this and can give you advice. I am newly diagnosed too so can’t offer any advice.

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Thank you. I will do.

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