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Difficulty breathing

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Is anyone able to suggest something that might help poor breathing I think due to humidity thanking in advance duff

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Hi Duff1953 . A fan helps a lot. Especially those small hand held ones if you need to go out. A dehumidifier may also help. Awful isn't it? 😑 xx

Hi, as Caspiana says I find a small hand held fan helps .....just direct it near your face.

The pollen count is high at the moment too....I don't know if that affects you.

But if you are finding you are more breathless than usual, best to get advice from your health professional as well.

Hi, Breathlessness is awful, I am breathless continually and living in Southern Spain makes it particularly bad during the summer. Fans are quite good, but I find deep slow belly breathing through your nose helpful. Breathing through your nose brings the air to a better temperature although I am not sure if it affects the amount of humidity. It maybe you naturally breath through your mouth and with the upper part of your lungs only, I did, and also quite quickly, which doesn't help when you are breathless. It's an awful sensation when you find it difficult to breath, it affects your life totally. Hope all goes well for you.

I use a humidifier and also a fan beside me It helps a lot

Can you roll your tongue into a tube. If so, breathing in and out through the "tube" cools the air. Can't beat a fan though, I've got one in my living room and bedroom. Going by this mornings weather forecast it looks like I'll be needing them, as it's going to be quite warm. Eat cold food, ice cream etc, try to stay in cooler places.

Ventolin opens up your airways.. Spiriva as well.

Go to b and m shop they are selling USB hand held fans for £4.99 they really help me I brought 2 so one is always charged up u charge it up via a lead connected to your mobile phone plug you won't regret trying it I'm stage 4 emphysemic try it 😊

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Thanks everyone duff

Always have ice water nearby to sip on. My lungs feel so heavy when it's humid, I try to limit activity when it's highest then do more when it lowers.

I’ve heard that the molecules of oxygen in warm weather are further dispersed thus we with lung afflictions have labored breathing in order to get more oxygen. Has anyone heard of this? It does make some sense. Maybe Stone or 2greys might have some info.

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