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Portable concentrator

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I am now the very proud recipient of a Simply go mini portable concentrator :-) Because of my back problems from previous surgery I have been loaned one by my oxygen supplier.The resp team have been watching me at the PR classes and they have seen how I struggle pulling a trolley around everywhere.When the nice man came to my house with it I was holding back the tears,he wondered why I wasn't pleased ,they were tears of joy.I was totally overwelmed as I never imagined having one from the NHS and knew I would never be able to afford one.No backpack,spare battery or charger so I will have to do some carefull planning and im sure I will figure it out but I have run into a small hiccup.How do I go out with a handbag and have my lovely unit on my shoulder at the same time ? I have to carry items with me.It probably sounds like a daft question but im at a loss with this one,Is the only solution one over each shoulder ? what do others on here do ? Don't laugh,Advise please xx

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Being a bloke and not into man bags could you perhaps use a bum bag strapped around your waist to carry small stuff like a lot of people use when on holiday.just a thought and i am sure they have some very attractive ones to purchase.:)

Bag free Ski's and a bagpuss cat x

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I had not thought of that,good in the summer but tricky with a coat in the winter.I shall investigate ebay xx

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not sure i like what i believe is the american expression of fanny pack they refer to. :) xx

Just type in bum bags in amazon,there are zillions and they do waterproof ones as well.

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I know what you mean about the name but considering its worn at the front thats maybe why or perhaps a 'front bottom bag' is better ? noo thats so wrong too :-) xx

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i think Americans call your bum your fanny,perhaps our friends across the water will confirm. :) x

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Have just checked amazon bum bags,so many to choose from !! I have ordered one. hmmm .... I can see me having a few of these... "handbags are now so last year daaarrling" :-) Thank you for the tip,I had no idea how bumbags have evolved since I last encountered one xx

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I always get to the bottom of things and never a**e about when it comes to giving advice.:)enjoy your shopping spree but please don't send me the bill. x

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Ha ha :-) Always best not to fanny about,just go for it,live for the day xx

PS.... What IS your credit card number by the way ? :-)

I just got mine as well I carry a hand made lightweight purse that goes over my neck and to my side. It seems to work pretty well. I am still getting use to portable as I am use to continuous flow. I am still weak from being in bed to long but am hoping I will get stronger.

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I have narrowed my current shoulder bag contents down to essentials [which was tough for a hoarder] and still have phone,spex,purse,keys,inhaler,medication,address book,small hand gel,mints,pen,travelcard, and I fear there maybe more when I realise I don't have it on my first trip out without my trusty handbag.Do you have the simply go mini ? The weight will take a bit of getting used to but more ergonomic than a cylinder and the best news is that the 'pulse' is quieter than the self fill cylinders,its more of "poooshty cooff" sound than a sharp "putttt" sound.Hope you feel better and stronger soon.A little more each day and if the weather stays kind a short stroll in the fresh air to blow the cobwebs away does wonders. Best wishes xx

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Roessner541 in reply to Comino2

Yes it is a little heavier then I expected not strong enough to use as a back pack yet but working on it. Yes I should carry more in my purse but can't deal with it now, can barely carry myself. I keep some stuff in the car.

HEY! How about one of those wrap around wrap for a baby! You could adjust it many different ways until its compy! Put everything in there! ARTIST from the U.S. Janet127

I like to have my hands free, so buy the smaller cross the body bags. You can get some good deals from T K Max, or Amaxon x

Hi Hun, glad your pleased !!! I've got a small portable for same reason, had spine trouble all my life ,mine is a focus airsep, have to charge batteries but I had to buy mine !!! Very expensive !! But worth every penny ,!!! I was the same not enough hands !! So I got a walker it's got a seat on ,so can sit for a rest anytime ,I hang my handbag and oxygen on the arms and all my shopping on the seat !!! Brilliant !!! I call it Gertie !!! What a difference it makes ,why struggle ??? We struggle enough Hun XX.

I wear mine across my body as it distributes the weight better and I’m free to carry a hand bag too. If my husband is with me he carries is and I use a long cannula.

I use a large across the body handbag which I swivel round onto the small of my back. That leaves space for a backpack too.

Hi Comino,

I used an Inogen concentrator for years, before and then with an electric wheelchair. Initially I used a rucksack which had two wheels and an extending handle so I pushed/pulled that with Imogen or a cylinder inside, and space fir a bit of shopping. Never it used on my back as I needed to control flow, and I could lean on it when out of breath. Later I moved up to a Sholley Trolley - the sort that old ladies push about. They are brilliant, if you don't care about the stigma! And I'd lean on that when I walked, which for me helped by opening up my lungs. Next came an electric wheelchair, a big beast, and room for Inogen beside me so j could control flow, plus a man bag on knee, and for shopping trips I'd push the Sholley too. For hols by train I added a suitcase on the luggage carrier behind seat, rucksack on top of that and maybe a bag on top of Sholley. If I hit a kerb fast when the dropped kerb wasn't adequate, the Sholley would take off, but it never let me down. Tough as old boots! And great fun.

When I could no longer get about much my oxy Nurse suggested a Philips Go, same as you, but that wasn't a patch on the Inogen, and I managed to switch back. Can't remember why, i just didn't like it, or trust it.

But what I really started this to say was about a spare battery. I got a second battery for the Inogen after I kept asking. Your oxygen nurse ix the one to approach, they write your prescription, the supplier just provides what they are told to.

I was the only one in my area without a car, so no way of charging. They had told me that trains have charging points. Some do, but only enough power to use phones or laptops. I argued that I could get stranded on a train, or if my wheelchair broke down or i was taken ill somewhere remote. Plus, it took me half an hour to get from upstairs flat to wheelchair, oxy lasted maybe 4 hours with new, freshly charged battery, so I'd have about 2 hours out. I'd leave an hour to get back upstairs to charger, and have half an hour in reserve, as I didn't need the stress of climbing the stairs wondering if it would last long enough to get to charger before it expired.

When I went out I wanted to make the most of it, do as much as I could - not be watching the clock and having to cut short my trip because of oxygen limit. Wasn't the whole point of giving me portable oxygen to get me out and about, to improve my health?

And there were several times when I'd have been really in trouble without a second battery. Would have had to call them out on Emergency - and most things come down to money. Cheaper to give me battery than to send engineer out a few times.

So if you think you can put together a valid case, go for it, and don't give up.

Hope this helps

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Comino2 in reply to offalot

I shall try to get another battery,as you say I need to put together a valid case.A separate charger to put a battery in costs £495 !!! and another 4 hour battery £265 !! Ive just been given it so I will wait a little [also to see if I can get on with it] xx

I bought a mesh backpack on Amazon (completely mesh) for only £15, which is much cheaper than the official backpack for the POC.

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Comino2 in reply to Dedalus

Yes £80 cheaper !! Going to look on amazon now,thank you xx

I always look for garments with pockets and wear a crossover body

bag. They come in all different shapes, sizes etc, I always look for the lightest weight. That’s now reminded me to sort out my handbags as I have heaps that I no longer use as not practical and way too heavy. Joy. x

My portable oxygen machine came with a carrying bag which has pouches for extras. I had to make some adjustments in what I carry along: small flat billfold for my drivers license, cash, and cards. Small comb and lipstick. No unness

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Sorry..only the necessities.

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