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At last!! The truth, Yahoo, I now understand what I have to do


Hi guys, been to see specialist, she showed me the test results from the hospital sleep apnea test, I did a few months ago!

It wasn't good! (Why did they not call me in?)

My apnea is B...A...D! Wow! My breathing stopped hundreds of times an hour! I have a very dangerous apnea condition! If I don't get the apnea sorted SOON! I am in serious danger of sudden death or serious damage to organs etc!

She has reset the machine, she said, don't worry about ringing for help if you need it! Do it!

She is going to give me another 4-6 weeks, trying the CPAP, then she wants to see me, & I might have to go to the hospital for another test, & possibly look at more advanced, stronger help!?

She looked at me & smiled, you have a lot of problems, don't you? I said yes, I was so upset last year, because I was so sick, but, now my congestive heart failure is under control, & my type2 diabetes is getting better! My bloody copd, is pushing through, reminding me it is still there! However! I overall, feel better than I was, because the other problems are getting under control & I am not in so much pain or discomfort.

They all kept saying that they are wanting to help me, don't think we're not! We really do care about you! I said thank you, l needed to hear that!

I finally have a sense of self respect and self worth, I have been scared! (Still am!) But, now feel I am not alone anymore!

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That is good news. Not the bad news but the fact you have medical professionals who care. Not knowing what's going on with you, and feeling alone, make everything feel so much worse. Of course, you're not alone with all us lot 😁

Wishing you all the best 👍

Glad to hear you are sounding positive and things are going in the right direction for you xx

Great to hear that somebody is taking notice Fleurbaby and doing something about it. It seems that you are getting sorted bit by bit, ,lets hope this continues and you can get back to some kind of normality. Wishing you all the best x

You are being well looked after it seems Fleurbaby and you’re feeling better which is good. I’m sure the apnea will also be controlled and I wish you well. Xxxx 💖😘💖

I’m glad you feel that your medical team care, it makes so much difference. My lung consultant, a very kind man, reassured me about end of life care for when I need it, and the cardiology clinic have cardiac care nurses to talk to when necessary, and I can have an appointment when needed. My GP checks up on me every couple of months, and my respiratory nurse is brilliant. I can cope with the heart and lung problems but am now having problems with diverticular disease and my eyes. However, I will be 76 on Sunday, which I never expected to reach. My plan is to live long enough for my grandsons, 5 and 2 remember me. About 5 years I reckon! All the best, and keep on carrying on xx

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Happy birthday for Sunday dear Carnival. Xxxx😘

Thanks everyone for your replies! My specialist said the reason why I was dealing with the heart & type2 & sleep apnea, is because, until I get those sorted out first, it is a waste of time (both MY time) & their valuable resources, to attack the spirometry etc, as it's a case of putting the "cart before the horse!" AND I UNDERSTAND NOW!! That is 2 words I have overused a lot this last year, boy! But, I used the new CPAP mask last night, armed with the INFORMATION (knowledge) I have now, I fell asleep with the mask on for 2+hrs in front of the TV, plus 4/5hrs in bed! Got up at 6 am, something I haven't done for 6 months, Yahoo!

Happy birthday when it comes dear Carnival 🎂 🎁 🎈

(I won’t sing too much, I don’t want to spoil you’r weekend) 😁

Oh my goodness, my iPad inserted that random apostrophe there. Really iPad? That’s not even a word 🙄


Wishing you all the best praying for you

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