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Ffestiniog. Betws-y-Coed. Abergele. Rhyl. Prestatyn and home.

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Ffestiniog with it's great slate mines reminds us that it wasn't always as quiet and peaceful as today. The huge piles of slate waste tower over you on both sides of the road. Betws-yCoed falls would have been a fine sight but I have to press on. Llandudno is always so busy whatever the time of the year so I must bypass it today. It's a good fast road to Abergele where I know I'll find the best fish and chip shop in Wales (IMHO). A plastic fisherman in his yellow oilskins has been standing outside it for over 50 years. Just had to stop there.

Rhyl is where there be dragons. The one in the picture used to be red and my kids insisted that I put my foot down passing him in case he jumped in the car. I reckon he ran out of lighter fuel a long time ago. Prestatyn is the place to go if you fancy a great family holiday in a static caravan with plenty of entertainment. I enjoy seeing the happy little kids making their way to the beach with their newly bought buckets and spades but quickly move on.

From there I handed over the driving to Medi (my camper) with her new sat/nav to take me home the quickest way. She took me down roads I didn't even know had been built and avoided the Mersey Tunnel and Liverpool which used to be my usual route.

Sorry if I've bored you, but my aim was to show that though you might be old and knackered with dodgy lungs, there might still be things than you can still do which you thought you were well past.

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I love it, thanks for sharing

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Don-1931 in reply to Roessner541

Thanks for the company. 😘

I have thoroughly enjoyed your adventure Don,as i am sure Midge and your companions have,it's been interesting,humorous and very well illustrated and i imagine the likes of Michael Palin and Bill bryson are already heading for the dole queue,just waiting on the first edition now or have you already sold the rights to Lonely Planet.

Ski's and a cat that bolted on seeing that dragon x

Well speaking for myself Don, I’ve not found your posts at all boring.

I love that dragon, I am one according to the Chinese horoscope, and your travels have been inspiring. Well done Don and Medi. Xxxxx

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Don-1931 in reply to sassy59

I'm sure people have learnt how to ignore me by now. If not they deserve to be bored. 😅

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sassy59 in reply to Don-1931


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Izb1 in reply to sassy59

Sassy, we are alike, I too am a water dragon in the chinese horoscope and cancer in the zodiac. I am true to both signs x

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sassy59 in reply to Izb1

Well hello fellow dragon, I’m an old goat (Capricorn) and am also true to both. Xxx 😘

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Pam1952 in reply to sassy59

Yet another dragon here Carole, which I can own 😁. Not too sure about the heavenly twins though! 😂😘 XXX

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sassy59 in reply to Pam1952

Yay! That’s good Pam. My grandson is under the twins sign too. Bless. 😂

Take care xxx 😘😘

Hey we cant be bored with such travels. I am thinking you could take us all on a run and I think you are marvellous to be able to make these journeys at your age, like you say you are never too old. Keep on trucking x

My part of the country Don

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Artichokes in reply to Alice70

Mine too Alice And there are a couple of others up these parts!

Peekaboo 😛🤣 xx

I have loved travelling with you through the land of dragons and unpronounceable names. Thank you for taking us all along with you and your fellow voyagers on your great adventures.

I was glad of the company. 😊

I've thoroughly enjoyed it, Don, so thank you for taking us all for the ride. Where will you be off to next? x

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Don-1931 in reply to Artichokes

I've been thinking I might go steak and kidney pie hunting. 😉

Your trip out to North Wales has brought back many memories, Don, thank you for sharing .

Drat ! Bed beckons so I will have to catch up on my reading tomorrow - hope everyone sleeps well tonight :-)

Thanks Don, Your Journey has been very Interesting. Thanks for sharing, Now Home and Rest with Midge and the Woolie Ones. XXX

Yay!! 😁 Sounds like a marvellous time Don. xx 🐉

I've really enjoyed reading about your travels Don....thank you for sharing. XXX

What a great road trip you've had Don. We are on our way home today via Bala and Ruthin so no fast roads for us.

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Don-1931 in reply to Pantani

I usually use that route, I bet I've worn groves in the A5104. 😅

Thanks Don, it was like going down memory lane. My dad took us kids to rhyl every Sunday, in an old Austin van, 100 miles each way , just because he thought the sea air was good for my lungs etc, better than the brewery town we lived in. Bless him. Hope you have a relaxing weekend dear friend. Jane

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Don-1931 in reply to chubby2x22

It was good, Jane, I found that I still had something that I thought I had lost. 🙂

Mr. D. Are you joking?🙉 We couldn't ever be bored of your posts. Whether they be rhymes or reading about your travels with your 3 companions....they are just the ticket.

Gold 🌟 star for you 'coz worn out lungs and age certainly don't stop you from getting the best out of life.

Thank you for sharing your trip with lovely photos and entertaining descriptions.

Thanks for sharing your road trip Don. You are never boring. X

In the early 1950's my husband to

be and I went to Wales by Lambretta. We asked the way to ' Cryseeth' chap nearly had a fit, its 'Criceth' mon! Spelt phonetically! '

Keep safe on the roads Don, Sally can't take much more by the look of her!

Love Iris x

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Don-1931 in reply to Lyd12

I've fallen out with Criceth, they have put a height barrier preventing me from reaching my favourite perch overlooking the bay.

I leave Dolly to look after her sister Sally, she had to carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedure on a couple of occasions. 🙄

Hi Don, that dragon brought back memories and yes it used to be red, my granddaughter didn't like it she was terrified every time we got near it, she kept her eyes shut tight and had to tell her when we got passed 😂 That was many years ago she's 26 now with a 2yr old son but she still gets the shivers when we reminisce about it. Ha ha xxx

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Don-1931 in reply to pegbl

He looks in remarkably good condition for his age. Think how many kids he must have terrified since our's passed under him! 😱

Lovely travelogue Don except the names of the cities or villages threw me for six. What language is it?

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Don-1931 in reply to kpm346

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welsh.... It's a lovely language and a delight to hear. They speak it a lot in North Wales and I have terrible trouble understanding the accent even when they speak English. I find I'm saying "Pardon" so many times is embarrassing though I've been going there years. I blame my hearing aid.🙄

I love your positivity, Don! You are a star! Thanks for sharing your travels with us. xx Moy

Thanks Don. In my mind's eye I went with you through routes done years ago. When you and the gang come to the far south west I hope we may get similar treats.

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Thanks for taking us on your travels never been to these places. 👍

Lovely photo, more please. Reminds me when I was in Rhyl as a child.

Great to hear about your journey Don, but you drove through Prestatyn without making me a coffee! Disgraceful! 🤣🤣 I live in Meliden, right on the edge of Prestatyn by the old mine, so if you’re ever passing this way again give me a nudge 😉😊

Sorry about that Brian, I would have been happy to have made you coffee. I'll remember next time. 😉

I’m very glad you have had a good time xx

Was with you all the way Don really enjoyed the trip.

Thanks for sharing 💕 X

I enjoyed your company, we must do it again sometime. 😉x

I am loving that dragon. So when is your next voyage to be Cap'n?

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Don-1931 in reply to majji

He is impressive isn't he? He's been there a long time and has obviously been very well looked after. (Good diet of little kids I expect. 😅)

Hopefully no dogs or cats though? Sweet dreams - I think you have earned a few in the last few days - well done Cap'n :-)

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