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Well folks i dont really post very often but felt i had to let every one in on my news. After spending exactly one week on the transplant list i got my call at 5am saturday morning. Shocked to say the least, but at present im on the icu, had my surgery saturday dinner and shocked all by waking up at 7 am sunday morning. So im Still very sore and theres a long way to go but ive got 2 new lungs. I know people like casp and others will have questions so dont hesitate and ask away. God bless all

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Amazing news. Onwards and upwards.

Love cx

Thank you so much

WOW! Amazing simplesprout, really marvellous. Take great care of you and your precious new lungs and wish you a gentle recovery. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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Cheers, i will do my best

That’s wonderful. Very best wishes for the future.

Thanks littlepom my pseudo font of knowledge : )



That's fantastic news so pleased for you. Hope you have a good recovery . Take care of yourself 😊 Bernadette xx

Thank you. Im doing really well, overwhelmed with all the fantastic people on this site

Wow that's amazing well done. I can't believe you are awake enough to post and not one spelling mistake! Onwards and upwards.

I was even up out of bed yesterday and in a chair and this morning a walk up the ward with all my drains being carried by nurses.. thanks

The mere fact that you are communicating with us so early after the procedure is wonderful,congratulations,you must have achieved some sort of record getting donor lungs so quickly and i hope that you honour and enjoy them for many years to come.

Best wishes Ski's and Scruff's x

The doctors said it was one of the fastes

They had seen and really pleased with my process. Thank you

WOW, Congratulations Hun from one who waited and Waited and got Older so Came off the List. I wish you a Good Speedy Recovery and a Wonderful Future. Take care of those Very Special Lungs and A Sad Time for the Donors Family, But they will be Happy that their Loved one has saved a Life. Lots Of LOve & Gentle Hugs. XXXXXX

I know you waited hacienda ive followed your progress, i will treasure the gift ive been given and i truely wish you all the best.

Thank you Hun for your Lovely Words. Stay Well and enjoy every day with your Family. Love n Hugs xxxxx

What wonderful news. I'm so thrilled for you and I hope that you have a speedy recovery. Wishing you all the best for a long and happy future. XXX

Cheers pam. To be honest im trying to run before i can walk. I keep getting told off lol

That’s brilliant! One day at a time. Xxx

Thankyou sassyand best of wishes to you. Your all so kind

Good luck and may it keep you alive and without suffering for many years to come

Cheers mike. Like they say here its a start and the its a chance of a possible long life, im only 54. Its a gift i wont take likely. Thanks for your good wishes.

No problem

How wonderful I really am so delighted for you may you have much good health and happiness

Congratulations and best wishes to you.😊 x

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Thank you so much

Very glad to hear that news, and that you are recovering well, but try not to overdo it. All the best for a long and healthy future xx

Thank you its great to know there are so many decent people still around that care about others

Great news! Hope you’re back home soon 😊

So do i mate, i must admit the staff here at wythenshaw are first class but the food isnt great ( private company ) but theres no place like home and i can forgive the food for the other gift ive been given.

Actually made me smile reading your post. All the best 😎

Wow that’s really incredible. To get your call so soon and to be recovering so well. I know you must be desperate to get back out there but please try to take it easy and don’t rush things. I’m so happy for you though. Thank you for sharing such amazing news.

I know i dont post much but i read every morning when the hu email arrives., so i know you are a regular poster. Thank you HH for your kind words and being a stable link in this great site.

Am so happy you got your lungs and you haven't had to wait long at all. Wish a speedy recovery. Which hospital did you have your transplant at. X

Im in the icu at wythenshaw in manchester. Thanks for your message

Thanks for the reply i am listed in Birmingham for lung transplant. Wish you all the luck in the world with your recovery and am excited to keep up with ur progress. Xxx

Dont hesitate to ask any thing and i will help as much as possible. Best of luck and thanks

Thank you thats really kind of you. Have been waiting awhile 5years lol.

Are you doing a blog or something to record your journey if u are i would love to read it.

Keep going your doing amazing xxx

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Hi Hun, Sorry to butt in, knowing your New with us, Click on his name/ Avatar then Click on FOLLOW, you will receive all the updates. I have and others also. Hope your ok my Friend. Love n Hugs . xxxx

Never been much of a writer so i cant promise a blog but you can message anytime with any question and i will reply. I think i i was lucky because i have the most common blood group and my lung cavaty was big but im not overweight so every thing just fell into place. Any questions aak away

Hi simplsprout this is fantastic news, I cannot believe your on here writing your story so quickly, I thought it would take a long time before you were able to get up and about. I’m really over the moon for you πŸ‘ please take it easy though you don’t want to be overdoing it. The family who lost someone I’m sure would be so happy the person was a doner and , your life and health will improve because they’ve allowed the donation . Good luck and easy breathing. Mind and take good care of yourself 🌹🌹

Believe me, they dont let you take it easy. Ive had the physio here twice today, the lungs are frozen and need work to get them up an running, but i must admit i am very sore, still got 4 drains in my chest. Thanks for the concern and i will keep you all up dated.

Wonderful!!! You are a star! ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Work out a poem /ditty fot that don : )


Great news! Thank you for sharing. And things sound to be going superbly for your recovery! So glad for you and your family that your's looks to be a healthier and happily long future together. God's blessings. J

Thank you very much for your concern

How wonderful for you πŸ’• Take care what a gift x

Its a gift words cant describe cheers

Fantastic news. Congratulations x

Wishing you a speedy recovery and a long, happy healthy life xx

Thanks so much

WoW! What a gift from God! He was watching you and knew what you needed! You are blessed! Also your Donor now is watching, and is pleased! God knew! Janet127

Its strange because i only packed my hospital bag the day before. Someone was pushing me in the right direction. Best wishes

Hello simplesprout and many congratulations πŸ’! I am so very pleased to hear your marvellous news!! And you are doing so well too. 😁 I do have questions, but my main one is did you wake up with a breathing tube still in (intubation) and if you did how did you tolerate it?

Thank you in advance and no rush to answer, you will need plenty of rest now. Take care!

Cas xx πŸ™‹πŸ•

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Hi My Buddy, It is Great News for simplesprout, I so wish you would get your call. We have a New member (a Friend ) Kylabreath, who is at the same Hospital as myself, she is Young like you, and been on the list 6 Years. Just thought she would interest you Sweet Friend. Love n Hugs and to Chom. xxxx

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Hey there my dear lung buddy!! πŸ’œ Thank you very much for the info. I hope to talk more with Kyla soon. I hope you are doing okay. *BIG HUG AND LOVE* xx 😍

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Hi My Dear Buddy, I'm Good Thanks. Hope you doing Well. Love n Big Hugs also. To Chom also. XXXX

I had to wait and ask the nurse the answer to that one because i didnt have a clue, so that should take away some of your worries that i didnt it happenes i did have the tube in and he quickly removed it, then he askled me some simple questions to make sure i was with it, which i answered. However i was back asleep by 2hours later when the doctors came round.

Apparently there are 2 diffedent cuts for the op and mine is down the central chest, the other is clam shellwith a cut under each breast. Ive no idea what determined the way they did the proceedure. Any questions and just ask casp. As one of the main contributing positivity people on the planet , i will find time to answer.

Thank you very much for your reply simplesprout . Please keep us posted. I for one would really appreciate the first hand knowledge! I hope you feel better and better everyday. xx πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘‹

The latest is i was moved from icu at about 11am today up to the post op ward. At first i had 4 0r5 tubes commimg out of my chest but 2 were removed the other day so ive still got 2 inserted. These are to drain the cavity as my lungs were big and the new ones not so. They are sore and i wont lie, however, everyones pain level is different. The problems this caused me was that i was having morphine which constipated me for 5 days, so today ive gone with the pain and now extreamly happy to say that problem is sorted. They have me on more antibiotics and anti virals that i can remember so wont try. Today the physios have had me walking around the wardand my stats without oxygen was 96/7, which given this early stage is great. My family is here at present so i will leave it there.

Hi simplesprout . I was actually going to ask about the drainage tubes. It is one of my fears I think. I have read they are quite painful. But you've just answered a lot for me. 😁 I hope those remaining two will be taken out very soon. Then I think you will be much more comfortable. Are you able to eat yet? Did you have to do a swallow test? Please take your time replying. No rush. Sending very warm wishes. xx πŸ˜ŠπŸ’

Well done and good health to u x

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Thanks skooch

That's great news all the best for a speedy recovery

Thank you best wishes

Wow! That’s wonderful news and within a week! The health system really is amazing πŸ˜‰ Take good care xx

The staff are unbelievably fantastic and worth so much more than the things that decide their wages, yet give themselves 11%.

best wishes

Ain’t that the truth!! πŸ’―

Congratulations for such a quick turnaround. Hope you continue to recover very quickly.

Thank you i hope so too

Fantastic news. I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery.

Take care


Thank you very much

Was feeling a bit glum with the weather this morning until I read your post and have got to say this cheered me up no end, its like the sun has come out. Fab u lous news, I cant believe things moved so fast for you and you are recovering just as fast. I truly wish you all the very best and as everybody has said dont rush things. Wonderful, wonderful news xx

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They seem to be moving even quicker, to day they removed 2 of the draining tubes out of my chest, the main canular from my neck and there is mention of moving me out of icu tonite to the post transplant ward ( jim quick ward ) very appropriate lol

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Blooming heck they are not hanging around are they, but hey this must mean you are recovering very quickly which is good news, wont be long before you are running up hills lol, onwards and upwards x

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Cheers pal but i will stick towalking hills

God bless you simplesprout xxx

Thank you

Fabulous news, sprout: be well!!


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Many thanks

Congrats on your great news and your speedy recovery to date! I bet its hard to even take in right now! I am a nurse and it never ceases to amaze me the speed that transplant patients recover at so look forward to a totally different life! God bless you Maureen

What fantastic news. Thank you for the informative posts my husband is hoping to be listed soon so squirrelling all this info away for future use xx

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You will be his strength along with other friends and family, they are the things to look forward too, so be strong and best of luck, dont hesitate to ask

πŸ™so happy for you

How wonderful I really am so delighted for you may you have much good health and happiness

Hi Congratulations πŸ‘πŸ»πŸŽ‰best wishes quick recover πŸ™πŸ’ͺ♻️ ( I am pre-transplant bilateral lung transplant listed on active list 11th Fen 2019 this year πŸ™

Good luck on your journey my friend

Brilliant news .

Wishing you all the Best

I Hoping to get get on the Transplant List

To hear such news is Great .

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