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Lung Disease & Genetics HOW Intrested Are Lung Doctors Really


finaly I have answers to my own lung health issues FROM a un thinkable source.

Yup my dad’s hospital discharge summary WELL hospital must of done genetic test on my dad given various issues heart diabetes copd Alzheimer’s Dementia.

Turns out dad as X gene issue James-MacLeod Syndrome make me wonder if I do too given my own issues

Could I Of been Misdiagnosed as COPD as doctors are not really intrested in corse BUT more sticky plasters.

For some time I have talked about genetics EVEN blood and star shaped blood cells.

And today seems my quest as reached major mild stone CAUSE EFFECT and TREATMENTMENT.

I would not be surprised if others was told they had lung issues to find out they had X Gene issues

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That is interesting Jeff , does look like you were on to something all the time. Wonder if you can be tested for this gene , and would it change the treatment you are getting ? Hope you are as well as can be , best wishes Diane

Hi travelmate am at lung docs in June going to ask especially as few years back I was about to have pacemaker.

Was not sure why BUT given this and fact I had genetic hemi block DOSE explain a lot really

That's incredible, what a discovery. Now that you know your dad has this condition can you pass this info onto your doctors, surely they must see it's possible that you have this same condition and will run relevant tests. What a revelation for you. I hope you're doing as well as can be 👍

Hi hungeyhuffepuff defo is revaluation BUT yer only found out today

One of its side effects is gramuloma WELL my lungs are full of it THAT octors keep thinking is cancer

4 times been told had lung cancer AND each time the been wrong thankfully.

That as to be gunissness record

I just hope the was not lieing

I'm glad to know it isn't lung cancer but, what an ordeal for you. 4 times! That's crazy. I too hope the results were right. Hopefully your new discovery about your dad's condition will be somewhere to start from to find out what is going on with you 🤞

Well, at least you are getting to the bottom of it as far as your Dad is concerned. That must be a comfort for you. I suppose a diagnosis is half the battle. You might ask your Dad's doctor if you should be tested for it. Explain your anxiety about your own condition. At least you will be armed with something to show your own Dr. I hope it all goes well for you.

Yes, that's a great idea. When my mum died of strokes at the age of 73 and my dad had issues with raised blood pressure and cholesterol, I asked my GP to check my cholesterol in case I had an inherited problem, which he did. Fortunately I didn't.

This information about your Dad gives you a great way to introduce the topic and ask your doctor for the test.

Hi Jeff its obvious from certain families that genetics play a part in our health issues , but how much is not really established. It would be an interesting subject to take up. But how can we start the ball rolling if we think our illness is genetic or could be ? You think yours maybe and sadly I think similar in my case mostly Dads genetic or similar illnesses with less severity. My mum also had a cough like mine but she never smoked but was diagnosed as mild asthmatic. Let me know if you find out how to check out genetics.

My that is hectic news. Hard to absorb I imagine?

Good wishes that your dad stays well and you too.

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