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Lung function stable!


I got some good news yesterday. I saw the consultant asked him about last weeks lung function test results and the good news is for the third test running (I have 2 a year) my lung function remains at 30%, I'm still retaining 2 litres of air, my blood is normal my oxygen levels at rest are good.

As I have brochiectasis and bronchiolitis obliterans I feel that's a good result.

With age and taking azithromycin my hearings going so I now have hearing aids. We discussed changing my medication but I feel the risks to my lungs outweighs the possible need for stronger hearing aids in the future.

I just wanted to share.

I hope you are all as well as you can be xxx

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That’s good news and you have a very positive outlook wheezyof.

Pete’s hearing is getting worse and he also takes Azithromycin but doesn’t wear hearing aids as yet.

Wishing you well. Xxxxx

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Hearing aids are a lot better than I expected. I used to work with children with additional needs in a mainstream primary school. Part of my job involved helping them manage their hearing aids. Mine are dainty and easy to look after than theirs, NHS too so free. I'm quite happy with them. It's nice to here the clock ticking, birdsong and the distant sounds from the playground of the local school.

Good luck to Pete. xx

As an identical sufferer in both bronch and OB... all I can say is well done and keep doing what you are doing - and long may it lastxxx

Sadly I don't get any follow ups, I am back in primary care muddling along but it seems a fairly easy muddle at the moment.

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Oh no! I hope things improve for you.


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I am not too bothered at the moment, as I said, I am fairly stable and muddling along :-) but I do feel a bit adrift though. Although I can call the pulmonary nurses in the community, if things go a bit wayward- but so pleased on your news xxx

That's good news wheezyof . I hope you continue to remain stable. Take good care. xx 🙋

Yeah,we do love to hear a bit of good news wheezyof.As one of Katinka's zebra's you are indeed a rare breed.

Keep on doing whatever you are doing and never get older than 30%,i reckon you can hear my reply loud and clear.

Love Ski's and Scruff's x

Hi skis, I was about to say 'Say again' then realised I hadn't put my aids back in after my shower. xxxxx

Wonderful news wheezyof. Well done and keep doing what you are doing😅

Didn't actually know that Azithromycin affects hearing, however I agree with you as there's at least aids are available if your hearing is impaired but with our impaired lungs we are a bit limited in options to assist us cope. Congrats on maintaining lung function, and thanks for sharing

Hi Wheezy, Yes I was prescribed Azithromycin but did not feel well on it. I tended to get very heavy eyed. However, we are all different and what worked, or did not work for me, may well work for you. This drug is to stop you getting infections.

I have found it better to clear my lungs regularly and then if I get an infection to ask the doctor for Doxycylin (I can't remember how to spell it ) which works very well for me. Best wishes. Lilianne.

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I do all the lung clearing bit, using breathing, a flutter etc but still need antibiotics because my immune system is poor.

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