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Hi has any one on here been given doxycycline,I have had such a bad reaction to it over the bank holiday , swollen tongue ,airways closeup , upset stomach it’s been awful .

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Hi petrie, I had a similar reaction to you was told to stop straight away and I was lucky enough to have antihistamines at home that I just kept taking ( they were prescribed) as I have bad reactions to many things. My advice would be to stop them right away call your gp and let them know just how bad your reaction has been. My gp has put it on my records now that Iv not to be given them again I hope your gp does the same. Unfortunately I’m only left with one antibiotic I can take clarithromycin and I’m on it now almost constantly. I feel so sorry for you as you must have been really scared especially with all those symptoms ☹️ I’d like to know how your doing I’m presuming youv got an infection is you were given these antibiotics. Please take good care of yourself I really wish you the best 🌹🌹

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Can I ask how long you took antihistamines for have had to leave a message for gp waiting for him to get back to me x

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Hi sorry iv took so long to get back to you, I took 4 piriton tablets then about an hr later another 4 I also had to go on my nebuliser as I felt as though I was really struggling to get a breath I used it twice with a 4 hour break inbetween . I lay on my bed and just tried not to move to try and relax my body this started early in the morning and continued until about 1am I took the same dose of piriton again later that night. The swelling on my face eventually came down and I was starting to breath easier. I called my dr the nxt day and my hubby told them what happened I was still suffering some effects of the tablet and at last stopped being sick . My gp left me a prescription for piriton and I was told to drink plenty of fluids. I have to say I was terrified and my hubby never left my side thank God . I hope your not still taking the tablets and I hope you are starting to feel better take care and please let me know how you are 🌹🌹🌹

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OMG that’s horrendous !!! Hope you’re ok ❤️❤️❤️ Xx

Hi I stopped them yesterday and started antishistamines didn’t know what was happening then had a light bulb moment was only given them as a precaution after getting over a infection these were given for sinus problems.

I had it after trying three other antibiotics, it worked for me and helped stop a six week flare up of my copd

Just finishing a course of doxycycline it is just one of the few antibiotics that I'm ok with. Majt

Hi shazrab I am not taking them not since yesterday I have taken piriton and I am beginning to feel better thank god doc have been informed , I wouldn’t wish that reaction on anyone it’s horrific.

Hi Petrie21 I have doxycline I'm ok with them thankfully but I know a couple of people who have has bad side affects from them you need to let your DR know .

Oh dear , the fact that your throat etc swelled up does suggest an allergic response, I have the same with penicillin. I was on Doxycycline for 3 months but thankfully apart from indigestion no problem . There are alternatives to both so good luck .

Yes I also had a problem with doxycycline it upset my stomach very badly that has never happened before... Maybe they have added another ingredient who knows

Hi , I too can't take Doxicycline I have a really bad reaction to it , so you are not alone .

Best wishes XX. Babs ♥️

I felt really ill on doxycycline last time I took it, but what you describe sounds more like allergic reaction which I have with penicillin. Do be careful as sometimes you need emergency treatment for that. It is a worry knowing what antibiotics to take. Hope you get betterquickly.

Hi Petrie21, I am shocked that you didnt call the emergency services for such a reaction, this could have been life threatening. I am sensitive to alot of medication but ok on doxy x

Hi Petrie21, I've been put on Doxycyline several times for bronchiectasis flare-ups and not had a problem. I've been very lucky I suppose. This is the drug that is particularly good fighting the bacteria "Haemophilus Influenzae" that caused my last couple of flare-ups (found from several repeated sputum tests). I had been on something else previously, given by a locum doctor, which was not working at all. I'm in Australia and when my usual doctor returned from the UK, where he practised before coming to Australia, he told me the reason the other drug given by the locum wasn't working was because it's the wrong drug for the Haemophilus Influenzae bacteria. I was told their first line of defence for this bug is Doxcycline. It seemed he was correct as my flare-up cleared up quickly on Doxcycline. I hope you're feeling much better now and your doctor has found the drug best suited to your needs.

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There is excellent authoritative guidance in the UK for doctors treating bronchX. Actually this indicates that the 1st line of defense against Haemophilius influenzae is amoxycillin (beta lactamase negative) or amoxycillin with clavulanic acid (b.l. positive).

Doxycycline is second line defense (along with ciprofloxacin and ceftriaxone).

Maybe you have had b.l.negative bugs but have developed resistance to amoxycillin over the years (many do) and that's why the doctor has gone to 2nd line defense. Normally amoxycillin resistance is overcome by taking amoxycillin+clavulanic, but I don't know whether this would be the case for haemophilius influenzae b.l. negative when there is a recommended second line defense available.

Up to you how you take this piece of info. If it were me and I found I was on a second line defense drug I might consider discussing the reasons with my medical practitioner - particularly if she/he was not a bronchX specialist (even generalist pulmonologists often see few cases of our condition and are non-expert). It's a mantra oft repeated here by the 'old hands' (and me) that you need to be under the guidance of a bronchX specialist unless your condition is mild.

However, with a nod towards balance, I have only just noticed that the latest version of the guidelines I refer to here seem to have weakened somewhat to a recommendation that "specialist clinics should be considered in patients requiring hospital follow-up". That may reflect the real-politik in the UK that the burden on the NHS and capability to deliver in the face of an increasingly diagnosed condition needs to be factored in. A less cynical view is that the guidelines are consistently based on empirical evidence and there have been no studies to establish whether or not specialist-guided patients have better outcomes than those treated by general practitioners or generalist pulmonologists.

I digress! I recognise that you are in Oz Cara, so quoting UK guidelines at the docs may be counter-productive anyway :-). Please do take this as just an attempt to pass on info to you and others, not me trying to be a clever-clever barsteward, challenging your comment that doxy is 1st line defence.

[Brit expat now retired to Thailand]

* 'British Thoracic Society Guideline for Bronchiectasis in Adults'. Can be downloaded from internet by searching on the title. It's a hefty tome meant for docs not we hoi palloi, but flick through the bits under 'good practice points' and 'recommendations' and I guarantee you'll be hooked.

Hi Petrie 21, you are not alone. I cannot take Doxycyclone either. I came out in sweats, felt nauseous and wanting to pass out. Hope you feel better very soon x

Yes I ended up in A&E with problems swallowing and chest pain it was bad case of heart burn burned all my swallowing pipes. Also affects private parts in ladies. Thrush.

Hi, it caused me to vomit on the 1st day & feel queezy for the first couple of days & just slightly queezy during the rest if the course of Doxycycline. However it cleared up a stubborn infection which had not been properly cleared up by 2 or 3 courses of Amoxicillin.

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Hi this is what is happening to me throwing up first day going dizzy and nauseous x

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I had to give up taking it I am allergic to it .

Hi Petrie21, I also had a reaction to Doxycycline. I'm always now just given amoxicillin. Kinder on the stomach

Yes because the only time I feel well is when I’m on it but I get very nauseous and bloated but I can’t go out on it due to the sun reaction and I had been very well covered up !

If you went out in the sun , even covered with a hat and overcast you may well of had a reaction I did it for ten mins and that’s what happened to me ! I’m regularly on it but it does have a sunlight warning in and on the packet x


My first out and I really feel fir you

I too have been very very sick and Ill on this antibiotic.

Hope you feel well soon

Sorry text is awful, need my glasses

Meant to say yes I've been really ill on this antibiotic.

Hope u feel better soon!

I am put on a two week course of doxycycline the odd time. They are horrible to take and make me feel very sick. But they are effective and sometimes they are the only thing that works for me. I have never had a swollen tongue with them however and it worries me that you have. You need to ring the Drs fairly urgently if tongue still swollen as that sounds like a significant enough allergic reaction. Let us know how you get on. ❤️ X

Hi there. I have used the drug on St least six occasions without any problems. I would suggest you contact your GP as soon as possible. It may be they will prescribe another anti biotic


I have bad reaction to Doxy, vomiting and feeeling generally unwell ten mins after taking, not flagged up on my notes as allergic to Doxy.

I just started doxycycline yesterday for an onset of accute bronchitis and luckily I haven't had any bad reactions. I hope they find another drug for you quickly.

I take it, everytime i have a chest infection. Never had any problems. You are most definitely allergic to it. What antibiotic, do you usually have?

If your condition is bronchiectasis then there is good UK expert guidance on the range of microorganisms (bugs) we get and first line and second line recommended defense drugs. You would see that there are many alternatives to doxy and that doxy is only the first line defence drug for one of the six common bugs.

The guidance and how to get it is in a reply I made to Cara4116 earlier in this thread.

Since bugs are bugs I guess the bronchX guidance may be applicable to receipt of those bugs in other conditions too, but I'm not a medic so take it as info for possible consideration in discussion with your medical practitioner.

Glad you are regaining control. Good luck in isolating the antibis that will work for u without putting u in an ambulance's way!

Hi Petrie. I also had a chest infection over the bank holiday weekend and was given doxycycline. I haven’t had any reaction but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything for me. Keep a note for future reference. Hope u feel better soon.

Thy seam to be a good one for me wen others don’t work thy do it’s a shame it’s bad for you

Spent this morning at gp my doc says there the paint stripper of antibiotics and obviously no good for me so back to amoxicillin and steroids for a week to clear infection and it’s been marked on my records, oh well onwards and upwards lol .

Had to have a double dose but didnt work for my chest infection or amoxacillin. Was on it for weeks on and off. Now on azithromycin from the hospital. Everyones different. Good luck. X

I'm taking 200 mg doxycycline per day in 2 100mg doses, only been taking it for 5 days so far of a proposed 3 month course foo severe blepharitis, I have developed dry skin patches on lots of areas. legs torso arms etc and to put it delicately my foreskin has become very dry and urinating is difficult *won't open properly)and it won't retract to clean in shower for example, well it will but it's very sore to do so, wondering what to do, it's not made any difference to my eyes so far and 3 months seems a long time to endure theses symptoms.

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