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Hi everyone, I’m new to the site & i am wandering if others suffer like i do with joint pain, especially in my legs-hands. I have Bronchiectasis (diagnosed 8 years ago) My shortness of breath has become worse over last year & i find I’m having more hospital admissions due to this. I recently had a MRI scan and I’m waiting for results as my consultant is concerned with my breathlessness however i am concerned with the joint pain. I do not know if they are linked or not.

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My first symptom that lead to my lung disease diagnosis was joint pain.

Julie14 in reply to Hidden

Apeter7874 i cant remember having joint pain before my lung disease being diagnosed, so not sure if there could be a connection.

Hidden in reply to Julie14

I was eventually diagnosed with alpha one antitrypsin deficiency genetic disease that effected my lungs. It is accompanied with severe inflammation, thus my severe joint pain that seemed to come on overnight at age 47.

Hi Julie14. Bronchiectasis can come about as a result of rheumatoid arthritis. Unfortunately so many doctors are so concentrated on their own discipline to make the connection with other conditions.

I suggest going to discuss it with your GP and get them to refer you to a rheumatologist.

Bronch is a very complex condition and needs the training and experience of a bronchiectasis specialist, not a general respiratory consultant. Do check that your consultant is a bronch specialist and if not, find one in your area and insist that your GP refers you.

I hope that helped a bit

Julie14 in reply to Littlepom

Thank you & i will look into this.

Yes I have a myriad of chest complaints and bronch is one.

I have severe pain in my right wrist arms lower back and legs.. diagnosis given Chronic pain... no need for a rheumatologist/

Chronic pain in my opinion is a get out of a fix card, but then, who am I ? only the one who can not breath walk any distance drops everything I pick up and.... fall asleep listening to others telling me "your OK"

Littlepom in reply to tomc

I think that you need to push to see a rheumatologist. Bronchiectasis does not necessarily cause RA. I don't have pains and I have had bronch 66 years.

Littlepom in reply to Littlepom

What I am trying to say is that your bronch may be a sign of RA and you really should see a rheumatologist.

Julie14 in reply to Littlepom

Missyscarlet Thank you i will

Julie14 in reply to tomc

Thanks tomc

Badbessie in reply to Julie14

Tomc. I have both complex regional pain syndrome and chronic pain syndrome. Both of which were diagnosed by a rheumatologist. Chronic pain is very much like fibromyalgia and the procedures for diagnosis are the same. Chronic pain should only be diagnosed after all other causes have been ruled out. I have confirmed osteoarthritis. Over the last 3 years I have had every test known to man and it was only after all other types of arthritis had been ruled out was I finally given a diagnosis.

Hi Julie, I always have Believed my COPD was the result of RA which resulted in a Hip Replacement 10 years ago at 57.(After a Bad Car Crash). I was Diagnosed with COPD 6 years ago, but had it long before Diagnosis Stage 4 Extreme. I also have Ostioarthritis. Now my Fingers are misshapen and only recently my Knees have become so painful. I could Blame the many Years of Being Sporty, still Keep fit for the Lungs, and my Mind, which is a must, and I am back at REHAB, love it, so in general :Age (for me) & Condition is against us, we have to Fight it. I do all my Exercises and Living with Oxygen and Throw Positivity in with a mix of 26% Lung capacity. Good Luck to You Hun. Keep Well and Hope Your Consultant sorts it out for you . xxxx

Julie14 in reply to Hacienda

Hacienda i am going to demand (nicely) that they investigate my pain as nothing is being done. The pain in my feet/ toes often wakes me from my sleep at night & it can take hours to settle (i end up crying myself to sleep). Good luck to you also & thanks for your reply xx

Hacienda in reply to Julie14

Hi Hun, Yes, I agree, Please keep us updated. You may get the answers most of us need to hear. I remember my Daughter having foot/toe pain. They said it was due to the recent Chemo which had finished, so they Gave her Pain Injections and she had to wear a Special type of surgical Shoe, The pain did go after awhile. Good Luck Hun. xxxx

I have hand joint and muscle pain sometimes because I have osteoarthritis and I play guitar and organ. Besides using pain tablets and Flexiseq cream, I also massage my hands by rolling a golf ball around the sore bits.

Hello and welcome

hi and welcome. I suffer from joint pain especially the wrists . I now take a supplement for joints and they seem to be better, only the odd flare up. I also have ulcerative colitis aswell as lung problems and that causes inflammation in the joints too. x

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