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Blood gas analysis

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Morning all, hope everyone is ok on this rather dull and miserable day. I have to have the above test on Friday, but don’t know what it involves, can anyone please tell me what happens and how long it takes as I have to arrange to be picked up afterwards. Thanks, Christine. X

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Hi the test doesn't take long but if it's the one I think it's blood taken from an artery in your wrist and can be painful. Hope all goes well with your test. Have a great day and take care of yourself 😊 Bernadette xx

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CELAT06 in reply to Damon1864

Thanks. X

Hi Hun, Having mine done again Tomorrow, The Oxygen Nurses last time found I have too high a % in Carbon Dioxide. The Blood Gases Test are taken from my Ear Lobe, just a small prick, no pain at all. In Hospital I had it done in my Artery on two occasions. Don't Worry it doesn't hurt, on the Ear Lobe xxxx

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CELAT06 in reply to Hacienda

Thanks, that’s reassuring. X

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Hacienda in reply to CELAT06

Had mine done at 11.30 to 1.15, had my two usual nurses and a Trainee. My Ear Lobe was pinched , then a Second one was done the same as last time, This time , it was Good. My Carbon Dioxide has gone right down and my Oxygen Saturation ids Good, All Tests were Good. So, all I need now is a call from my Consultant with a date for the Bling to be assessed & put Right. Love to all. xxxx

With any luck it will be your ear lobe.I had 4 Blood Gas tests

in 2 days at one stage,and found it to depend on nurse or doctor

doing it.Must have had more than a dozen in my time,the last by a trainee

nurse,and did not know she had done it. ( very rare )

Trying not to put you off,but you must understand,it is in a main artery

and they have to find it.Unlike the veins they do when taking blood.l am

sure all will go well so do not worry as it tells them a lot about what is going on.

I've had it done 3 times now and it was always taken from my ear lobe .

Good luck ♥️♥️ love Babs x

Hi. Nothing to worry about Celat06.

It’s a blood test and is done on a matter of minutes. No prep required, no after effect. You will be fine. Sure the needle prick hurts, but only for a second

Good luck. 😉

As long as your not afrsid of needles and the sight of blood and pain doesnt bother you you will be fine lol only joking is just a little scratch a slight uncomfortouble feeling then your done ,you will have had worse at the dentist

Hi. I’ve had the one done in the wrist three times, and I’m having it again next week. For me it didn’t hurt any more than any other blood test. Which is to say, not very much. So many people had told me how much it hurt that I was expecting the worst, so maybe that helped as well. It’s true that a well practised nurse or doctor doing the test will help as well, so tell them you’re anxious so you don’t get the trainee!

Make sure you press hard on the spot where the needle went in for a good minute or two afterwards or you’ll bruise.

The earlobe version is also super easy.

For both versions they can get the results almost instantly, it doesn’t go to a lab or anything.

Hopefully it will be quick, fairly painless and you’ll have positive results.

All the best


Normally ABG's are done in a hospital environment and as others have stated they can be slightly painful and most often an artery around the wrist area is used and they are sometimes done prior to surgery for people with lung disease,you will almost certainly have a CBG,capillary blood gas test where your ear lobe will be 'warmed up' with a paste so that blood rushes to the capillary's and all you may feel is a slightly warm ear,a slight scratch and the nurse will probably massage the ear and collect the blood in a mini pippet for analysis,easy peasy my dear and absolutely nothing to be concerned about.

Love Ski's and Scruff's x

P.s sorry i forgot to mention that the test normally only takes about 20 mins or so.

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Hacienda in reply to skischool

Hola Carino, Had this done today plus normal oxygen tests, Two Ear lobe gas tests, all Good, my Carbon Dioxide has gone right down, just a wait now for Amy to give me the Bronchoscopy Date for Admission. Besos xxx

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skischool in reply to Hacienda

Bon dia as my Catalan friends say Carino,good news about your blood gases and you must have just been a bit run down on the last ones,yes get Amy to give you a wash and go asp and i do hope you fare better than me and you start to feel the benefits again,i must have the most unshrinkable lobe on the planet but you never know one day i might get that volume reduction.

Besitos Ski's and the Scruffy one xx

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Hacienda in reply to skischool

Hola Cari, I am going to ask Amy about removal off the lower Right Lobe, I have a Feeling she doesn't know any thing about this? Been reading on here how some Folk on Trials have/are having it done. It could be more Beneficial to me or You ? What do you think Cari. Besos xxxxx

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skischool in reply to Hacienda

A discussion you need to have with Amy,i don't know why trials are mentioned as a lobectomy is a standard surgical procedure in lung volume reduction though because of it's invasive nature other methods are prefered by thoracic surgeons so be prepared for Amy steering you away from that route?maybe your ct scan will reveal incomplete lobe collapse in your treated lobe in which case maybe re inserting/positioning of the valves might be a more beneficial and safer option?


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Hacienda in reply to skischool

Verdad, True, Gracia's Cari. Yes I surmised that, you know Amy well. I know she will stay with what is best for me. Mwaarrr. Xxxx😊😘

I've been on oxygen for 16 months ( 2litres16/24). I've never had blood gases tested. The nurse tried a few times at initial appointment but my artery in wrist was too tough. I've never had the six min walk either that I've read about. Just saying lol.... PS If you exhale when they try to put in the needle you won't notice any pain. Good luck 😀

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