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Benefit Appeals Company

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Hi all, I've got a question, does anyone know anything about a tribunal representation company called and the guy I spoke to there said he would represent me for my PIP tribunal Appeal this coming Friday 3rd May, for a charge of £400.

He himself will not be doing the representation, he has referred me to a Barrister. I want to be sure I'm using bona fide people, does anyone have any experience with them, or know anything about them, I welcome all you have to share. Thank you.

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Wouldn't trust that, you don't need a barrister for pip tribunals, contact local citizens advice bureau for advice xx

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LawH1512 in reply to Trisha1960

Thank you Trisha 1960, especially since I don't know who they are, and have no information to confirm who they are

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Trisha1960 in reply to LawH1512

Too many scammers around that are just after you money, always be wary if they're wanting money they may then want bank details etc,.pip tribunals can be stressful but you can have someone with you ,friend/family for moral support,you will have already supplied your medical information and tribunal panel will just go through this and may ask for clarification on some issues.good luck x

Hi, we have had so many calls from his company it's getting to be a joke (not !) Each time we have said we are not intereted and asked to be taken off their list but still they keep coming. I am never rude to sales people who call, they can be annoying but they are only trying to do their job and earn a crust but I am now reaching the point where I want to scream obscenities at them, not something I usually do but we all have our breaking point. My only advice is to steer clear of them. X

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LawH1512 in reply to CELAT06

Wow, thanks for the warning CELAT06, I'm also very anxious, which I'm told of course is normal

This sounds to me like a breach of the Data Protection Act and should be reported as such. How would the person get access to a list of PIP appeals which he appears to have? A good living could be made selling that information to the legal profession.

Hi I have to agree with the others. You can get lots of free help for Tribunals and if you want to employ a lawyer you can do it on your own. Sounds dodgy to me. x

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LawH1512 in reply to hypercat54

OK. Thank you everyone, I much prefer to stay safe with free representation. I'll let you all know the result of my PIP tribunal hearing. Thanks

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stone-UK in reply to LawH1512


You have to be aware when the contact is via mobile number and e-mail, no landline number. On the address search it appears more residential than business. The website is not very professional.

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hypercat54 in reply to LawH1512

Good luck and let us know how it goes. x

Arrange with someone like age concern,or cab to go with you if they do this service. Were fid he get the information that you were going for appeal. All very suspicious stay well away. A barrister would from what I can gather charge a lot more than £400. Sounds like they will want the money up front and may not turn up.on the day. Take hubby or family member. Write down everything about your condition

Please turn him down it's got to be a scam . My daughter lost points on mobility part on her pip review , she contacted Fightback on line she paid £75 for them to do a mandatory appeal for her . They have a lot of success , they also go to court and have a lawyer on their team. Check them out , based in Bolton they do appointments there, and on the phone or on line . Good luck

Thank you bammy, certainly don't want scammers adding to the anxiety of this PIP Appeal experience.

You really don't need to have anyone to represent you. The panel are wanting to hear from you how you cope with daily life he cant do that. Please don't be afraid to speak for yourself its nothing like a court appearance. Its a medical person a disability person and the judge and they are only interested in asking about your daily routine etc. You are your best advocate.

If you contact your local welfare rights person your doctors should have one you can get representation for nothing don’t be paying people anything it should all be free good luck 😉

I agree 1hopefuture. I'm taking a friend and will have a support worker with me

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oooodicky in reply to LawH1512

Hope everything goes well for you and get what you deserve 👋

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Why would you be charged can't see why you would need a barrister I'm waiting for my pip appeal and no way am i paying anyone speak to cab theirs nothing he can do its down to the evidence take a friend family but don't pay someone I'd be really suspect about this hun speak to cab please

I used a company called Benefits Resolutions who were very good. They also supported my son when his change from DLA to PIP happened last year. Both successful after I previously had put in for it just 6 months earlier and was awarded 0 points!! I was given 5 years and he is on a 10 plus one. But others are right. Definitely don’t use someone that has contacted you without you asking them to. Sounds like a big scam. I’d like to know how they got hold of personal info like your PIP claim, contact details etc. Very suspicious.

Hi LawH,

I think you'd be able to get solid support from agencies not making charges. I think you shouldnt need to go to such measures, a large percent of appeals are successful. As long as you gather evidence to present you should be okay. Maybe I'm being naive but I'm very suspicious of £400 fees to those generally on low income.

Good luck


A junior barrister here in N.Ireland will charge £1,500 just to look at the paperwork and another £1,500 for ONE day (or part thereof) in court. Please don't be fooled by these people. Do as Trisha says - go to the local CAB and good luck.


You should be very wary. If you were mine I would say back off. Big time

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Thanks for the warning about this company so we know to avoid it should we need to fight in a tribunal

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LawH1512 in reply to Hidden

Your welcome, Camilla22. I agree with everyone on here who've said I am my best representative, also two of my friends and my support worker will be going with me for that emotional support. Furthermore, C.A.B gave me the number of a very good company called PSU Helpline, I've spoken to them, and they will support me in writing up notes on all the points I want to use for my reasons why believe I should be awarded PIP. I'm meeting with them and my support worker later this week, either way I'm covered. Feeling much better about this. Your right everyone, I don't need to pay an enormous amount of money to someone who might not even turn up on the day. £400 is a lot of money what a scam

Stay well clear of companies like this. Contact citizens advice and get someone to be there with you during the review. CAB provide this service where I stay and are great at helping out with the paperwork.

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