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Recurrent pneumonia,respiratory infections and primary immune deficiency

Hi , I was reading lots of posts on here about feeling fatigued and depressed after pneumonia. I can really sympathize with anyone suffering with this.

I've just had pneumonia for the third time in 6 years in February and I'm still really finding it hard to get back to normal. I took 4 weeks off work and when I did go back I found it really hard and still am , and I only work 25 hours a week. Since then I've also had pharyngitis and sinusitis.

I seem to save all my energy to get to work at the moment. I'm on holiday this week and went for lunch yesterday and feel exhausted today and don't think I will be leaving the house.

I feel so depressed and anxious about everything.i have been diagnosed with primary immune deficiency and am seeing a specialist in a few weeks about immunoglogin IV therapy .

I'm 48 and I don't smoke , I work in primary education , so I'm around immune challenged little people , which isnt helping me.

I've had both pneumonia jabs but they haven't stopped it .

Reading some of your posts especially the people who have had reccurent infections of pneumonia , bronchitis , colds , sinusitis, sore throats etc , please ask your doctor for an immunology test , as this could be the reason why you may be constantly getting these infections.

please all listen to your bodies and just do what you can .

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Look after yourself

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