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Counting to 10....then deep breath!!


Just sounding off. Am in court tomorrow to face ex husband who traded me in for 30 year younger model when I had cancer, and has now asked me to prove to court I have copd, think he is hoping I won't try and get some of his pension pot and will die for him, I don't plan on going anywhere soon and will hopefully enjoy spending his funds xx. Thank you for listening

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Good for you! Hit him in the pocket where he deserves it and I am sure you will enjoy spending the money :D xx

Thank you, just hoping the judge can see the sort of person he is and awards in my favour x


Good luck for tomorrow 🤞 Wishing you strength and courage.

Thank you x

Way to go Skategirl.spit some fire,grind some teeth(if you have them lol)and let it out's good to rant and does wonders for the soul. :)

Ski's and Scruff's x

Hi Ski's, yes got fire in my belly and ready for battle, and most of my teeth are still mine, (few crowns, but no dentures yet lol) x. Here's hoping he's the one spitting bullets tom!!

:) :)

Know how you feel Skatergirl1.

Work hard all your life, love them unconditionally and they think its ok to leave you with nothing.

I wish you all the best and get your fairshare. Xx

Yes, he was virtually a kept man for 18 years, I had my own house and business, a fair weather husband, when I got ill and he had to put his hand in his pocket he couldn't and didn't want to, and I lost everything. But still got my dignity and a sense of humour x

The same thing happened to my daughter in law’s mother. When she became ill with cancer her husband (not dil’s father) was awful and tried to get all her money at divorce. Fortunately the judge took a dislike to him because he kept interrupting the female barrister and being rude to judge, so was threatened with contempt of court and wife got a very fair settlement. I hope everything goes the way it should. Good luck xx

Thank you xx am keeping my fingers crossed

Get you case across that he left you when you had no income coming in because of your illness to support his spending, so he looked elsewhere and left you with no means to support yourself. How can someone ever trust a man that can do that to his wife, but then again she'll only know his side of the story.

Wipe that smile right off his face, and take comfort in it. Will be thinking about you tomorrow. Good Luck.xx

Display that dignity and a sense of humour in court and you can't lose. 👍😀x

Do you think they may take pity when I smile and have lipstick on my teeth, just wondering if to go with that look lol x

Just don't cry! (Unlikely by the sound of your post.) 💪😅

No Don, I won't be the one crying....he will be though!! Xx


I’ve posted a couple times that 80% of mates leave when the other one gets sick. It really shows their true rotten character. Good luck to you!

GO Girl Go Girl ,best of luck hit him were it hurts his pocket hopefully you give him his just deserves

You deserve it

Good luck, though I dont think you will need it . Hope it goes well for you.

He must have been a very weak man , his trophy gf will soon dump him ,that 30yr age gap will soon become unbearable for her ,just wait until he gets traded in ,im surprised hes not embarresed because everywhere they go together believe me hes being judged by other guys ,im glad your still positive hope court works out well for you

Just want to say good luck. You certainly don’t need all this extra stress. Fingers crossed for you. Hugs.

Good luck for today. Chin up. Be strong. X

Stay strong 💪 Good luck skatergirl1

Remember that although you might appear fit and healthy in court, that COPD is an invisible disease, for a lot of the time. All of that can change at the drop of a hat and you could end up hospitalised. It is a bit late to get a doctor's letter, I hope you have some consultant's letters and perhaps a collection of your prescription counterfoils. Good luck and good riddance to a heel.

25 years ago I had to have a report from a doctor who did not know me for court because my husband claimed that he had never seen any sign of my bronchiectasis in 22 years of marriage.

The doctor wrote ‘ Before I get to the future prognosis for this lady’s long term bronchiectasis I question most strongly the morality of my being asked this question in the first place!’

This move had done my husband and his very expensive team no good at all and the judge blew them out of the water. I got all that I had gone for plus ALL costs, which is the most important.

Go for it girl, stick to your guns. Go for absolutely everything that you are entitled too plus extra because your condition limits your working capabilities!

You are going to be far better off with your own independant life and it will be the young version who finds herself tied to nursing him in his old age.

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Well said Missyscartet. Xx

Weak Snivelling Git, your well shot of him, Spineless Man. You will do Good Hun, Regardless of No Teeth or Lippy stained Teeth, Joking, Head held high, Classic Demure, You have it My Love. Sending Love n Hugs xxxxxx

You have so got this. Stay strong and walk away with everything you can get x

Omg....I can't believe the response I have got!! But may I take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for your support, I am truly touched. At the moment I am about to get suited and booted and glammed up for my big day and don't have the time to respond to you individually, but you have all helped me keep strong and knowing what you have all said will help me keep going today xxxxxx

There's a term used for what is coming his way. "Comeuppance" i.e You shall reap what you sow. As Soulboy mentioned, it wont be long before his "newer model" trades him in and takes him for a ride . When people get married they take an oath and part of that mentions "In sickness or in health". Best of luck to you.


wishing you all the luck today skater girl my ex left me after a very sad experience in our lives and she knew I was going down hill with my copd and she said no way am I spending my later years stuck in nursing someone !!! yes I’m in a bad way but never been happier bieng single and taking care of myself best I can . sending positive outcome you can do this xx

been fascinating reading all of this, I do wish you well, please come back and tell us the outcome. I find the attitude of the girl he has taken up with interesting, he must either be spending a fortune on her or something else which we won't go into.

Good for you

Good luck. Wishing you all the best.

How awful Skatergirl1 but you’ll be ok. You stay strong and I wish you well. Xxxx

You go girl x

Good luck for today, things have changed alot since I got divorced when judges were never fair to the woman concerned. Let us know how you get on, chin up girl x

Good luck, Skatergirl, hope things go your way....sounds as though you’ve got a strong case! 🌷🌸🌷

People like your ex-husband makes me very angry good luck for tomorrow

To right and have fun with them God bless you hope things go well for you

Good on you Skatergirl1.

Hit him for as much as you can and go to court looking pretty done in. No fancy looking clothes, no makeup and just a tidy hair comb. Plead the years you stood by him knowing he was playing around.

Best of luck. I am New Zealand 77 yrs old. Quite fit now, copd eased off a lot since gave up the smpkes 7 months ago.


Best of luck Skatergirl. You'll have no problems at all! xxx

Chin up gal By the sound of it with your attitude you will do well You deserve to Please come back and let us all know how you get on Best of luck

I've only just received notification of your post, so your ordeal may well be over? I hope any tears will only be ones of happiness at the outcome, and not for having lost that low-life!

Let us know how it went, once you've finished celebrating (if ever)?

Luck'n'hugs Skatergirl1. x

I have been down that road , just get on and live your own life, like myself good riddance to bad rubbish , hope all goes well for you . xx

Oh dear Skatergirl,you can well do without this? Go for the jugular...!!! My marriage broke up in very traumatic circumstances 16 years ago. I was the innocent party.Then the B* sued me for divorce on the grounds of MY unreasonable behaviour!! This was money orientated too,he wanted a bigger share of our assets .I did have a good solicitor who listed everything I had brought into the marriage. His solicitors were also informed of his wrongdoings.The settlement went in my favour and our divorce was made absolute there and then.Sixteen years on, I am happy and am managing.I have grown up children (they have nothing to do with him).Being single has so many advantages,far better than being with a shallow waste of space like him! Sending good luck vibes!

I hope the SOB gets the shaft, and I agree with the others, you are much better off without him.

Hi all, well I have had my day or rather 5 mins in court!! He showed up with his new wife in tow....the case has been adjourned for two weeks, so that I can provide him with the evidence and answers he requested me to answer on Sat.... Judge said 60k pension not a lot, and because I am skint, can I afford to Persue a pension sharing order which can cost thousands, damm cheak of the man, judge that is. Well that has made me even more determined to fight my cas e and borrow said money to the waiting game continues until next round in court. Just poured a glass of wine!! And breath xxx

don't forget to keep us all up to speed on how things are going Skatergirl1? We're all behind you. Stay strong! 💪👍

Thank you x

Any solicitors on here???? Lol

I've only just seen your post.

I do hope everything went your way.

No person should be dumped because they are ill. Whatever the outcome you are better off without such a shallow, selfish ...thing.

All the best xx

keep your head held high skate girl he will get his karma if he’s A asshole the precious time u have is not worth sharing with him rise above his pish get your gp records and take the scum bag for all he’s worth folk like that come and go the ones worth staying are your real family take it easy x

When a friend of mine started dating again after becoming a widow, she very quickly came to the conclusion that all the men wanted was to be looked after. Your ex's new woman will get what she deserves! Good luck.

Good luck to you Skatergirl 1. Not being able to stand by a partner when they are ill and cheating on them is low indeed.

I hope that all your medical info brings forth a massive share of what he has. There is a formula for divorce based on years married and value of all the assets, but the judge on the day can also make a difference. I hope you have a lawyer, otherwise the CAB can provide free legal advice.

Best wishes xx

Hello, hellodolly , I was ill will cancer 9 years ago and had just finished have my 5th surgery when I discovered he was having an affair with a local barmaid...I kicked him out then, he wanted half my house and half my business, he had never paid a mortgage payment in the 18 years we were together, however he got nothing, because I closed my business and trashed my house and devalued it by over a 100k and the little money he did get from said house he had to pay of creditor because he was made bankrupt. I was adamant he wasn't getting a penny to set up a new life with his girlfriend from me, he was bragging he would be set for life once he got half of everything I had. I cut my nose to spite my face but Am happier with having nothing myself than give to him. He wouldn't sign my divorce papers years ago, but divorced me 2 years ago via the internet without my knowledge, I had to get the police involved, long story. I just found out last year that he had not settled the finances and left it open that if I came into money in the future he could stake a claim, so mowing going to court to close that down, but remembered he had a pension. When we were married so now going for half of it and he is going mad lol xxx. End of saga lol.. And breath

Wow. You have been through a lot. I hope it goes according to plan x

That's only half of it lol....I'm a weeble, I wobble but don't fall down xx

Thank you

Go girl.....we are all behind you xx

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Thank you

All very best of luck - can empathise!

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Thank you

What a scrote Skatergirl - hope you get all you deserve!

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Thank you

hi there I just read your post,what an awefull thing for you to go through hope everything goes well for you in court!

All I can say is .....the smarmy @#*#@%*%!!!! 😡😠

Wishing you well.

The truth ALWAYS comes out eventually. So you will have your day Skatergirl.

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