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Lung Volume Reduction Surgery looming

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Hi all, I am undergoing tests for LVRS eligibility with one more to go. I have 21% lung function with 44% O2 getting to my tissues. I am told LVRS will help my breathlessness but am scared to death of the op as my friend only lasted two weeks after having it done. I know everyone is different but that does play on your mind. Can anyone who has undergone this please tell me of their experience and how it helped (or not) to give me a more balanced picture.

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HI I haven't had this done but have a friend who did. She had damage caused by repeated pneumonia and had half a lung removed. She was left with a big scar which faded in time.

She was terrified but she was fine. She was very sore and felt a bit poorly for around 6 weeks, but now she is fitter than ever and said her breathing has improved massively.

It is quite a big op but quite routine nowadays, so my advice is go for it. x

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catpoose1 in reply to hypercat54

Hypercat54, thanks for the reply. I don't have much choice but to do it. I am psyching myself up for it, that's why I asked the question. Many good replies and it helps.

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hypercat54 in reply to catpoose1

No. With an FEV1 of 21% there is little choice I'm afraid. x

Hi There. Very interested in your post. I haven't had lvrs but my consultant is referring me . Just how many tests do you have to go through?

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catpoose1 in reply to poppy08

Hi poppy08 I have had x ray, perfusion test, lung function test, 6 minute walk and I now have a heart echo coming up. Nothing invasive. Good luck with yours.

I Had LVRS in 2012 and it was the best thing to do and the outcome was good. I wrote a lot about it at the time so search my old posts for more info.

If the tests all show it's going to make improvements for dor it!

The recovery was fairly long but I would do it again if needed for sure as the benefit is worth it.

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catpoose1 in reply to Perce

Thanks Perce, that's very encouraging.

Hi. At the end of year my husband had test at our local hospital to see if he was sutiable for lung reduction. He was told via the local respiratory nurse that as he was stable at the moment he would not be put forward to a national centre for lung reduction. He on 16 hour a day oxygen at 3 litre with ambulatory at 7 to 9 . Not sure what the criteria is and how bad he would have to get to qualified for the operation ,if at all

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catpoose1 in reply to alyvonne

He sounds worse than me alyvonne. I am not on O2 and still working ( if you can call it that). Good luck to him

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hypercat54 in reply to alyvonne

It's not so much how bad you are but whether he is suitable for it. If the damage is widespread then maybe not but if much of it is concentrated in one area then he should be suitable. My friend had most of the damage in one area so it worked well for her. x

I had LVRS only left lung in October 2018 with a very good outcome .I wish it was available to me years ago .My recovery was quick and I felt amazing . If you are going to have it please keep a positive outlook .I had mine done in The Royal Brompton Hospital in London .Fantastic surgeon and after care .Good luck .Oh by the way I'm approaching 72 years old so I feel fortunate I could have it .

Good luck and best regards Babs xx

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catpoose1 in reply to Alfiebax2

You have 10 years on me, Alfie, I am just 63 and thought I was getting in the too old to have it done bracket, thanks.

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Wheezylady in reply to Alfiebax2

Wow, thanks. I'm 63 and having it done this month. My surgeon at Papworth has predicted a good outcome and although absolutely bricking it about the surgery, your post has made me feel so much more positive. Thankyou so much.

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catpoose1 in reply to Wheezylady

Good luck WL.

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Alfiebax2 in reply to Wheezylady

Good luck and positive outlook is the way forward. Please let us know how you get on . Once again every good wish for your op .

Best wishes Babs 💖

I also had LVRS at Brompton, with keyhole surgery, two years ago. After a blip when I had to be readmitted, recovery was good. The only thing I would say, is try to do without the morphine, I felt terrible nausea, lack of appetite and constipation.

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catpoose1 in reply to Croydonia

Hi Croydonia, It's the blips that also scare me as my friend died two weeks after his lvrs op.

in reply to Croydonia

Heh, the morphine 's the best bit of most operations

I have had both Lungs reduced with this procedure the first time was 8 years ago in and out in 7 days I wouldn’t say I was fantastic but you started to feel you could breath better then 18 months later they tried the Valves in my other lung 5 where fitted I felt like a different person you could actually feel the difference straight the way I was one of the first to have this done but due to the fact of my lung disease they only lasted for a few months so we had to have the other lung reduced this was 4 years ago the only downside I was in Hospital for 19 days had caught a bad chest infection during the procedure

I had to come out using Ambiglatury Oxygen and I am on it now for the rest of my life .

Hi Jasper, chest infections terrify me.

Had reduction to left lung, benefits lasted about 12 months, now back to how I was before op. Consultant said this was typical length of time.

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catpoose1 in reply to granny49

It would probably take me that long to recover in the first place. Although my choice is none existent, I have to go for it. Catch 22.

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granny49 in reply to catpoose1

I did recover very quickly from the op, so hopefully you will too.

I am waiting to see what my next Procedure will be. I had 4 Valves in my Right Lung last June, and I felt good immediately. Unfortunately the Bling has decided to go Dull on me, Had a CT Scan last Friday, Hopefully my Consultant will contact me Tomorrow and tell me the result. I would have the Valves again. Good Luck Hun, We have to try all that is offered to us. xxxx

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catpoose1 in reply to Hacienda

You are right I have to go for it. Good luck with your CT results.

Cant advise you, but good luck catpoose1, Im sure all will go well, easier said than done but try to worry too much, keep us updated on your progress x

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