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Getting COPD diagnosed


I'm new to the forum - hello! Interested in the postings - Wondering how to get a definitive diagnosis of COPD? Had lower lobectomy in 1965 successful operation. Each winter breathing problems develop. For last 2 years have been using prescribed Anoro Elipta inhaler once a day (instead of Ventolin and brown inhaler) and this seems to help loosen mucus but my voice is croakey. I have a cough and am often out of breath. We live in the country and after crop spraying in adjacent fields my breathing and coughing seems adversely affected. Wondering if I should just ask my GP or nurse if I have COPD. What would you suggest?

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Hi the first time visit your doctor and ask what s/he thinks. They should arrange for you have a spirometry test which might be with a respiratory nurse. I hope you haven't got it though. x

ncsgcd in reply to hypercat54

I'm relieved to tell you that my spirometry is within normal range and as I haven't smoked it isn't COPD. I'll see my GP in May and meanwhile keep using the Anoro Elipta inhaler & Ventolin. Thanks for your reply and best wishes to you.

katieoxo60 in reply to ncsgcd

That is excellant news best wishes for the future. Maybe speak again soon, Oh I forgot welcome to the site

ncsgcd in reply to katieoxo60

Thanks - it's really helpful to know there a folk like you out there. I'll be in touch again soon. Best wishes to you.

I was diagnosed after visit to GP for 2 month persistent cough with mucus and breathlessness. due to being an ex smoker GP referred me for a chest x-ray, once he had results I had a spirometery at the surgery. It cannot hurt to speak to your GP, make an appointment ASAP

This is a difficult one, as it could be many lung conditions. Only specific tests at hospital can determine that. Also as you have had a past Lobectomy this could have caused some long term weakness. You need to see your GP and be persistant about investigation as your condition is getting worse. Good luck and best wishes.

ncsgcd in reply to katieoxo60

Thanks for your kind reply - I've discussed my spirometry with the respiratory nurse and understand its within normal range - I feel relieved. However I'll follow things up with my GP in May.

I agree with the other replies - best to see GP asap hun

You should ask your doctor to refer you to a hospital for tests.

ncsgcd in reply to Ryca

Thanks Ryca for your reply - I'm relieved that my spirometry is within normal range. Today respiratory nurse explained that COPD is ruled out. I'll follow this up with my GP in May.

It’s good news your spirometry was ok. About the crop spraying, have you seen when farmers do the spraying while wearing something that looks like a nuclear fallout suit 😯 I’m not being critical of farmers, I’ve always lived in rural areas surrounded by farms and farmland. Just saying. Anyway it’s good news you don’t have copd but I hope you can get answers about what’s going on with you. Take care 🌺🌸🌼

I've mentioned crop spraying to medics in the past but they reckon it wouldn't cause episodes of chestiness. Recent tests show that I don't have asthma yet I have been prescribed inhalers since 1980's when I worked for a while in a confined portacabin shared by a chain smoker - medics seem to disregard this too. I need to find the right questions to ask when I see my GP in May. Thanks for your support. Take good care.

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