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I have a lung nodule, does that mean Cancer?

Recently the question of a lung nodule and what does this mean, has popped up on a few posts. Well just to highlight what I have said about the risks, here is a malignancy calculator for a solitary nodule to help. Perhaps this could be made a "Sticky" by admin so it does not get lost, because this question arises quiet often.


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Yes, I developed one nodule and my sister developed 4 on our lungs! The Doctors are keeping watch to see if they grow! This scared me because I have been sick almost all winter! Also I had cancer years ago and chemo which damaged my heart and paralyzed my diaphram! Plus my COPD. I hate Winter! I had Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma like Jacky Kennedy died of. Now I find out 2 miles from home the air quality from a factory is polluting our air with Chemicals that cause Leukemia and Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma! Lee high School field is right in back of my house . I use to metal detect in there! Fun! Now the man that has taken care of Lee Field (maintenance worker) has 2 forms of these Cancers! So please inform me about the nodules! Thank you!


I am not a doctor let alone an Oncologist, but having a vested interest, by being a patient, I have read an awful lot of research about cancer. I cannot make a diagnosis, even if I had access to all your scans, records and family history. What I can say is that industrial air pollution from chemicals is definitely not good at all, which increases risk. The more nodules there are the higher the risk too, but still not guaranteed for any cancer to develop. I have 12 of them with only one ending up as malignant, needing treatment. Air pollution is a worry and sympathise fully, there is illegally high air pollution on a regularly basis where I live and work, with very little being done about it.

Take heart that, with being monitored, if cancer rears it's ugly head then it will be spotted very early, which is very important for a successful outcome from any treatment. Despite lung cancer having large percentage of mortality, it can be cured when found in the early stages. The reason for the high rate of mortality is that lung cancer is very good at hiding away and by the time any symptoms present it can be too far advanced to be treated successfully.


Thank you for your reply 2greys! I want you to know that I enjoy reading your posts because you are so informative on a lot of different subjects! Hugs!


Hi 2greys, Ive just had my nodule biopsied on Wednesday, came home yesterday and results have come in today and go to Wythenshawe on Tuesday. The nodule was 1cm. Do you think that they found this early? I have already lost the upper left lobe 2005, I'm wondering if I stand a good chance with another therapy, and not a resection. You have me such good advice 3 months ago about a freezing therapy, I can't find that anywhere, what was that called again? I am thinking before my appointment that it'll be not a good result for me :( Thanks 2greys😊Happy weekend🌻🌻


Yes it is early if it is malignant. I actually have a benign nodule that is 27mm or 2.7 cm, it is still there in my right upper lobe. So there is a good chance that yours could be benign also.

That therapy was not to do with freezing. It was in fact a form of radiotherapy called SABR (SABR = Stereo-tactic Ablation Body Radiotherapy) mine was done with a LINAC machine (Linac = Linear Accelerator) see link below.


SABR is a very successful treatment and is comparable to VATS (Vats = Video Aided Thoracic Surgery) see link below.


In fact some studies show a better survival rate for SABR than VATS see link below.



Thank you 2greys. You have always made me feel better. You are excellent at sharing knowledge and you really have a talent at making me feel at ease with myself :) It may be true that its not malignant, but I have such 'un-Irish' lol luck :) I will re-read everything now and just wish you a lovely evening until then🌻🌼💎


Hi 2greys

I am 77 and smoked for 60+yrs. been stopped now for 7 months. Suffered with COPD, medium emphysema. Very Early last year I went private for CT scan. All clear. Then few months later suffered bad with breathing week legs no energy. That was caused my over dosing with steroids from hospital in Thailand. Came back home to NZ and had another CT Scan. This showed clear except for a module in my right lung top corner. Cut long story short, had another CT Scan see if it was still there and grown. All clear with a shadow where the modal was. Sent me for Brobcopsie camera. Nothing found but a misty type very small area. They did a wash. With all the results I was given the all clear. I told the doctor what I thought it was, some old sputum from my old bronchitis problems. So it seems I could have been right in my thoughts. I am great new. No problems. Except in September I had a heart attack and had 3 stunts. Ah well, am a tough old bugger they say. I live in Thailand the heat is not good at the moment 41-42C. 40RH.

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Hi try not to worry I had one on one of my lungs a 6 mm they left it for six mth X-ray me again and it had disappeared 👻 so try an keep positive good luck 😉


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