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Go for a Run or Eat Chocolate: A Choice Dictated by the Cannabinoid Receptors.

Physical inactivity is a common factor in lifestyle diseases – and one that is often linked to the excessive consumption of fatty and/or sugary foods. The opposite scenario of excessive physical activity at the expense of caloric intake can also be harmful, as cases of anorexia nervosa illustrate. These data therefore point to the crucial need to research the neurobiological processes that control the respective motivations for exercise and food intake. A study by Inserm and CNRS researchers published on March 7, 2019 in JCI Insight reveals that the cannabinoid type 1 (CB1) receptors play an essential role in the choice between running and eating chocolatey food.


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Chocolate wins! Xxx


Since my husband became gatekeeper to the chocolate, my fitness has improved dramatically.


Gatekeeper to the chocolate. I love that job title! I work in a shop but haven’t got a job title other than ‘staff’. The next time I have to fill out a form and it asks for my status, I think I’ll write Gatekeeper to the chocolate instead of Staff, and see if anyone notices (does anyone read forms anyway)

I could use a Gatekeeper to the chocolate myself though. This evening I gave myself the choice of apple (cooked) oranges (canned) or banana. My choice was ... chocolate. I can’t help myself, if there’s chocolate in the house (I don’t know why I said “if”) I’ll eat it even when I didn’t intend to.

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