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Just to give you a giggle


Is this a senior moment or what. I just spent nearly two hours searching the house for my bottom denture, then low and behold it appears on the floor where it must have dropped from the shelf above. Next week I am out of action for two days as I need to have a large filling and an extraction of a tooth that can't be repaired anymore, then have to go back for my denture to be fitted back in next day.

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Oh katie! Glad you found them though.

Good luck for next week and hope that all goes well for you. Xxxx

Oh dear poor you. I hate the dentist. My mother and a sister and I were convinced that some homes have mini black holes in them where things disappear only to re-appear where you have already looked! :) x

think theres several black holes here :) :) not my favourite place either but hopefully things will go according to plan , fingers crossed.

Glad you found them I to mislay things. 🤔

Good luck for the dentist!

So glad you found them katieoxo60 . Do take it easy this week, you've got so much on. Thinking of you. xx 🌼🌱

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Hi Caspiana, you are right a busy week ahead and I need to get a prescription, hopefully I can arrange it so I pick it up from the chemist when at the dentist , fingers crossed.Thank you for your support xx

So glad you found them Katie.😉

I spend hours looking for my specs which I cannot see if I am not wearing them😂

As for teeth well they hurt when they come and then they hurt again when they go😂

Hope your treatment is pain free and you recover quickly.

Good wishes for next week.

Not sure about pain free but got some pain killers at the ready. Just hoping the tooth does not break as that could complicate things.. Will let you know how things go next weekend. Thanks for reply.

We will all “pray” for the best outcome for you katieoxo.😉

Best wishes

Thank youx

Good luck at the dentist katie, I'm kind of glad you mention lower denture, I got all my bottom teeth pulled 2 days ago with immediate dentures put in same day, how long did the pain and swelling last if you don't mind me asking.

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I have had this done on many occassions over the years , it does take a while for the gums to totally heal depending on how healthy your gums are . I have gum disease so it takes longer, but usually the swelling goes down in a few days , the gum healing can take upto three months. If you get pain that worsens it is usually a sign of infection which you don't want beleive me its so painful, don't scimp on keeping your mouth clean, take care and hope all heals quickly for you.

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Thank you Katie, as for infection I guess I was lucky they said my lower front was so infected that it was blocking the anesthetic from numbing my gums which made them had to give me more shots, Dr. Said happy he found it while extracting my teeth instead of after putting in denture, again thank you katie, I'll keep you posted. Oh do you use adhesive. Peppyo5

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No I do not use adhesive, my teeth fit snug so far, as both are partial dentures. on my bottom denture I have a wire to attach it to another tooth to keep it in place only problem with the wire is occassionally it can cause friction and mouth ulcers and it fits so well I sometimes struggle to get it out to clean. My dentist is a dental surgeon so he can deal with most problems and adjust the denture to suit the shape of your mouth. I have had dentures now for over fifty years as I broke the top front teeth in an accident at work. Take care and good luck with the healing.

Hope all goes well Katie .. huge hugs xx

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