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Hi guys, first time on here. I had a spontaneous pneumothorax 6 years ago and that was when the dr first mentioned COPD. However since then it has just been brushed under the carpet. I have had numerous flare ups of chest infections, weight loss, breathlessness etc and ended up back in my local A&E last weekend. Again COPD was mentioned and I was told to go home rest and if I still felt bad to go back to my dr on Monday. I did that only for my dr to admit that my breathing was shocking and she could tell I was struggling but my oxygen level was 100% and so she was not prepared to give me anything. I have now been told to wait for an actual test for diagnosis which can be up to 6 weeks. I am so tired and feeling really low, and just feel very alone. A friend of mine mentioned this community and so I thought I’d try. Apologies for the essay! If anyone can help me with advice or even their own stories I would really be appreciative.

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Welcome to you Doris, this is a very caring community and I’m sure you’ll get some replies soon.

Your doctor doesn’t seem to have any understanding of COPD so you do need to see a respiratory doctor.

Do you have any medication and/or inhalers? Have you had any breathing tests or x-rays?

I hope you get all the help you need and don’t be fobbed off.

Do let us know how things go. Take care xxxxxx

Doris1977 in reply to sassy59

Hi sassy59,

Thank you for replying. I have had asthma since I was 13 and so have my brown and blue inhaler but I have noticed I am getting worse as the years go on. Because I was a smoker the hospital dr was not impressed and just told me to go home and rest. Easy when I have 2 jobs and 4 kids!! I am usually quite strong and deal with most things in my own but this has just made me feel so bad that I started to contemplate not being here anymore. But I’m stronger than that and my kids need me so I thought I would finally ask for some much needed help, support it just to know others are in similar situations. I am currently awaiting the breathing test but have no idea what that is?!

sassy59 in reply to Doris1977

Wishing you well Doris and smoker or not, you’re still entitled to proper treatment. Xxx

Welcome to this forum, Doris. I am not surprised you are feeling low. It is irresponsible for doctors to mention COPD without following up promptly with tests for a diagnosis. Keep pushing for answers.

Knowledge is so important. Once we know what we have we can deal with it.

Let us know how it develops.


Hi doris1977. Please dont ever think your alone and that you would be better off not being here, keep thinking of those 4 kids and do it for them. I know how hard it is to get the docs moving and getting treatment, you will find though that this site is full of wonderful people that will give you information, including getting your doctor to listen to you, and that armed with information you will be more able to tell the doc what you want doing. The more you are proactive in your treatment the better you will feel. Please keep posting even if its just a moan or happy event in your day. Love burs xxx


Welcome Doris 😊

Appointments take time..🙃

Your GP has a limited understanding of lung problems.

For example I have a good oxygen capacity but my lungs are full of cysts,I am breathless and I am prone to pneumothorax so I suggest you ask for a Ct scan.

I suppose your breathing test will be a spirometry. Hopefully they will give you the full one in the cabin and measure your FEV1 forced expiratory volume and other measurements which will be able to give a better understanding of what is going on.

Take care x


Everyone is very helpful on here Doris . We also share some much needed humour. Hope you get some answers to your problems soon

Hi I think that your doctor is delaying your tests ie spirometry due to your recent on going chest infection. In order to get an accurate reading normally even respiratory clinics will not do the test until you are clear of infection. Obviously you are worried and the dreaded word COPD as been mentioned but take comfort in the the fact that your oxygen saturations are 100%. Yes you are having problems but nothing is definite nor diagnosed. You will get a far clearer picture once you have been tested. Please let us know how you get on.

Welcome Doris, So far the Replies are Precious to you. Please try and get a Full Spirometry Test, insist with your GP, or change to another GP, (I did). I so Understand your Thoughts, as you say you have 4 kids to think of. I get so Angry with attitudes to People thinking COPD is a smokers Disease, it is Not. I do hope you start to feel Better, and find the energy to get The Diagnosis you need. keep us all posted Hun. Love to you. xxxx

Welcome Doris. From now on there is no need for you to feel alone again.

I joined here a few months ago and it has been a lifeline and you will find the same. So many knowledgeable folk, whatever your question, and everyone genuinely cares without any judgement whatsoever.

As an infection takes six weeks to clear completely from the lungs, so I guess that is the reason for the delay in testing. But if you feel overwhelmed then do call the BLF helpline, the staff are simply wonderful and will be able to ease some of your anxiety I am sure.

Very good wishes, take care of yourself and post again soon.

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