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My DOCTORS Going To Think Am A Nutter IF I Go And Talk About THIS

Well had quite a productive cough and raw throat for few weeks WITH lots of mucus driven I guess by inflammation.

Anyway OTHER day I was purcherd at window SEEING if I could see spring yet WHEN I had coughing fit.

Type you turn lung inside out.

Then I hacked up load of mucus with bright green lime green blob init.

It was quite a colour contrast on bleck landscape path.

So out of curiosity I ventured out to see what it was and to my total amazement WAS a baby leaf 🍃

Needless to say have not been very well of late BUT I just don’t know what to do really BECAUSE if was a leaf surly I would of coughed blood up or something.

But leaf was quite rubbery AND since I coughed leaf up have not woke up gasping for breath AND my throat inflammation as subsided.

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They’ll be coming for you JAS! Lol.

Stop eating leaves.

Glad you’re feeling a bit better though. Take care. Xxx 😂😘

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Hi sassy think you might be right lol

Good job have Human Rights well wile member of public.

But ya right don’t know how that sneaked in usaly paranoid about airways.

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Hope it was a sneaky wee spring leaf and if things keep improving try to see the funny side of the ninja leaf that got in your airway,I've breathed in things by accident before unknowingly and have either coughed them up or blown them out of my nose,don't think my lungs are strong enough these days but I will be on the lookout for ninja spring leaves..hope you don't mind the fact I'm trying to bring the sunshine out but your post made me smile, when you said you're feeling better,I can remember a skittles sweet being sneezed across the room one time if I remember it was bright purple and a very long time ago.😤😊🍃🌞🌞


Hi Sticher no I don’t mind I use to luv swallowing liquorice strings or strawberry whips then pull em back out.

Things you do when younger WAS never keen on blowing food stuf’s out of my nose 👃 but like that ever stoped it.

Yup egg feryed rice 🍚 when I sneezed 🤧 right across room.

Afraid last infection did for my lungs too HAVE trobble keeping it up WELL my spo2 these days


Glad you're feeling better now.


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