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Waiting for a CT

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I have RA and for the past two years from October- to around March I seem to flu symptoms,yet for the last couple of years I have had flu jabs, I get loads of phlegm yellow and bottles of clear,my Drs don't like giving you antibiotics,well this year we had a new lady who is very on the button,she asked me how long I had this problem,she examined front and back with stetho and told me the rear right was not working properly,she thought it was from the methotrexate medication for my RA,had a sputum test,blood test,X-ray where it picked up,and now lastly waiting for a CT

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Hi, sounds like you have finally got a doctor who is doing the right thing.

A CT scan will give a much better picture of the thorax and shows much more than an x-ray.

The x-ray I had gave me the diagnosis of COPD, last year I had a HRCT scan for something else and it showed I had emphasima, bronchiectasis and a bit of fibrosis chucked in for good measure.

So along with the inhalers I have Carbocisteine which has helped with the amount of mucous.

Hopefully soon you will have a full diagnosis and the right treatment for you.

Good luck with everything.


Sounds like you have a good one there! Those tests led to m6 diagnosis of Bronchiectasis. If you get an accurate diagnosis you will hopefully get the right sort of help. All the best.

Results have come back,Bronchiectasis is one problem,caused by RA so my rheumy tells me and it is only mildly,got to see a Lung professor at the end of May

My GP told me there was some crackling on the bottom of my right lung and said she didnt thing it was working correctly,yet i go every day with my dogs and the irritating coughing is all most finished now,i seen my rhumy yesterday and he said a wet cough is better than a dry one.


What is the thorax ?

The thorax is basically the chest and everything in it, lungs, heart blood vessels and so on.

Most cases if picked up and diagnosed early can be at a lower level and a wake up call. Hopefully this is what happened to you.

My Rheumy is well aware of my lung problems so has to avoid certain drugs which can mean we are restricted with choice of meds.

Take care and keep us in the picture if you want.


My rheumy reduced my MTX from 6 tablets (15mg) to 4 tablets on Tuesday

That's one of the drugs I can't have along with Dapsone. I'm on Hydroxy at the moment which seems to be working regarding the skin problems.

I see my Rheumy because I have Sjogren's with the associated stuff that goes with it.

I love when you stumble across a doctor who takes control of your situation and Gets things done! ..

let us know how you get on..

hugs xx

Will do


Just a quick update to everyone, I have my CT scan next Saturday 2/2/19 at 8.10am can you lovely people tell me if you have to have a iodine jab or any thing like that,that might affect your driving.


Hi everyone, just an update,had CT scan on Saturday Feb 2nd but not received the results yet


Had results of the CT nothing nasty,kidneys ok,heart ok,that's about it other than my GP wants me to go and see a Lung Specialist that's on April 19th

All the best every one


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