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Diagnosis of Chronic Bronchitis

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Hi I have been following the posts here for about 6 months and learned lots of how to cope with the constant symptoms. My doctor diagnosed chronic bronchitis after my second year of bronchitis and pleurisy last March - although I have never smoked he considered it began about 14 years ago with reflux although I had constant crackling at night - it disappeared and re-emerged about 7 years ago with sore throat a constant dry cough and crackling at night. However, the symptoms are there coughing nasty chesty sounds and crackling and strange noises at night - I don't visit the doctor unless I need antibiotics usually I just sit it out until it recedes. Last April I was put on a waiting list to see a specialist and get a more precise diagnosis - the waiting list is 10 months long. I am in my mid 60s active - work from home and walk the dogs over fields each day - visit my daughter abroad etc etc. As I understand the situation why do I need a specialist diagnosis when there is no treatment - just antibiotics and medication when I have problems - can someone please clarify this for me?

Many thanks

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Sadly, I don’t have an answer. Wish I did. The waiting times in London ate almost as long. Just take the best care of yourself that you can meantime.

That said I am sure any minute now someone knowledgeable will post to help you.

Good wishes.

Many thanks for your reply - it does make so much difference that there are many in the same boat and many having to cope with complications and managing the situation. I will just keep informing myself via this site.

Thanks again

I would like to say to you that joining this forum is one of the best things I could have done to help myself and I am sure you will find the same. As you say, there are so many informed folk who post here and no one judges and everyone wants to help. So stay strong until you get your appointment. With good wishes.

You are right about information - my Dr doesn't want to hear from me unless I have an infection that is getting out of control via a temperature to get antibiotics, which I understand but the only way I Know what is 'normal' for copd is through reading this forum, otherwise I would have panicked often! Thank you again.

I understand that completely. That’s exactly how I would sum up my gp. It’s kind of nice to know we are not alone eh?

Good wishes. And keep posting

It really is best to see a specialist Drs are not very knowledgeable with these things I'm afraid. There are medications and steroid inhalers etc that may help you. And a specialist should arrange a lung function test to see how much lung capacity you have and a CT scan to see what if any damage has been done to your lungs. With this condition it can be manageable to slow down progression and they will be able to help you with that.

Waiting is a pain but very important you have the appointment as they really should be able to help.

Thank you for your advice - at least I will know what I am dealing with - it is easy to bury your head in the sand - but if it helps me understand it all it will be worth it. I note many people here are dealing with the condition and remaining so cheerful throughout although they are really going through the mill - having the support of this forum where so much help is available is so important.


Yes I think as much info as possible is always best. If your still active, healthy and your not a smoker then hoepfully you should be able to keep the condition manageable.

I also get bad reflux that's what's caused my asthma and I take Ranitidine 450mg daily and Gaviscon and I'm seeing a specialist in a few weeks about having a procedure called Stretta done to tighten the sphlincter so acid does not escape. May be worth you googling it, its a non-invasive procedure.

Thanks I will do - good luck with your procedure I hope all goes well.


Hi there, I fond your post very relevant to my situation as I believe

there is a direct link between “ reflux” and COPD.

You are very fortunate if your gp realises that.

I have yet to convince mine. But I will keep trying.

Best wishes for your procedure.

If anyone reading this is interested I have tried the home test for low stomach acid this week, which just is drinking half a cup of water with bicarbonate in it first thing in the morning.

I have done 3 days with nothing resembling a burp in sight which means that I either have low or no stomach acid!

The opposite of what my gp tells me.

Sorry for the typos. New specs again.lol

Given that you have never smoked it is questionable that you have copd. Your doctor is not in a position to diagnose without the specialist equipment that they have at hospitals. You need a ct scan and an expert opinion to find out exactly what you are dealing with. I’m afraid that GPs are useless with respiratory conditions. Call the secretary of the consultant whom you are meant to be seeing and ask them to find a cancellation for you. If you do not know which consultant you are supposed to be seeing call the clinic which you have been referred to and do the same thing. We have to be very pro active in our interests and vociferous in sourcing the right treatment.

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Hi - thanks for your most helpful reply - I will try to make contact tomorrow and see what the outcome is! Regards

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Good luck

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Thank you

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