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Not excepting oxygen

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My friend a yr a go had heart surgery. He was told by his pulmonologist that he was going home with oxygen . he said no way .you become dependent on O2 ..I've heard that before. I didn't know i had a choice. It was odd becauwe I went from having asthma n not that bad . and walking up n down hall in hospital n all he said was your o2 is too low u ha've. Copd. No test I could have said no but i trusted him

My mom use to pant she was a heavy smoker. But woul dnt take O2 n she died at 88. From bladder cancer caused by smoking..I hope i make if another 10 yrs . if I had said no to oxygen May beI life would be better m led constricting. I'll never know

I have had v vertigo for years but if they the past couple years it's been worse than ever I keep for I kept falling I banging myself s so bruised unable to drive for like 10 months. 1st attack since November 1st pretty bruised up I'm going to try to put some pictures in just a shirt you but they're worried that's real that was me today yesterday is what I look like and is the accepted there be good cuz I have to pass it on your better at times if you are your own doctor no one can tell you how you feeling except yourself and my children told me go to the the hospital what good with the hospital do I need stitches I can take care of myself I've got all the kind of equipment I need to be to sterilize all the wounds and I I will show you pictures and I hope they put them through because it's a life experience and I never know when it's going to happen I just go down very odd but it happened years ago and my mother still alive I fell I just fainted and I broke my face at 7 surgery. I'm strong I'm independent and proud of it

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That’s a nasty injury dear Pinky but you seem determined to carry on and keep doing your own thing. Please just take care. Sending love and good wishes to you. Xxxxxx

Oh no Pinky! How awful for you. It looks really sore. Did you say you fell? As for the O2, there are some risks to not going on home oxygen therapy if your O2 levels drop too low. One issue would be that to would potentially starve your vital organs of oxygen. This can be dangerous as this could damage the organs. It is also easy to become light headed and faint which would be catastrophic especially when driving.

I do hope you are okay. Please take good care of yourself. Sending hugs.

Cas xx 🌿🍃

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Pinky29m in reply to Caspiana

I get bouts of vertigo. And it can get really bad at times that's how I broke my hip I just went flat down and I haven't fallen since November 1st no, my kids are in your California they don't call did you save mine you've maybe you should live in Assisted Living yeah where are you where are my kids when I need them so I feel a little sad today cuz my ribs are killing me and my my daughter not never calls me and I done everything I can to be kind to her and I really would love to tell her up before I died but that's my my way I thank you all for your your replies but I have vertigo I've had it since I was young I haven't really had a bad in about 5 years where they just took medicine that I had for 5 years ago in the pharmacist said it was okay I remember in college and I had it. M when I moved in with mon who was getting worse. I hated being stuck in the house it would know the or anything and and then I just kept falling and then went I went to the bathroom in the middle of night and I just went down and broke my face and I had seven surgeries on his nose I love where I put my apartment I and I really was looking forward to coming back I don't want to lose my mother but I love being on the water and on the beach and in the peace here so instead of my kids helping they tell me to go to assisted living like I really want people bothering me and people cooking for me no that's not me but thank you all your support it's making me cry cuz I have somebody that understands thank you so much

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Ergendl in reply to Pinky29m

((((Hugs)))) Keep up the fight. We're here rooting for you.

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Caspiana in reply to Pinky29m

*BIG HUG* I am sorry it's so hard Pinky. Please know we are all here for you. xx 🍀

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Pinky29m in reply to Pinky29m

Thank you all for your words of support. 1 word can change your entire day. I hoped can do the same for all of u. I was talking to a friend who just got released from hospital n doctor said u are going home with oxygen n he refused. I didn't know I had a choice. But the more I research weaning off O2.i had refilled my humidifier n forgot to turn concentrator back on .8 hrs with no O2 n level was starting with a new pulmonologist n a better secondary medical policy so I can choose my own doctors. Feeling positive. Health n happiness to all

Never stop fighting. That’s all you can do and no one else can do that for you. Keep it up and take good care of yourself.

Big hugs to you dear Pinky ,you do what you feel is good for you.

Your a strong woman, take care 🦋🍀🦋

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Pinky29m in reply to Susan1200

U think one can wean off oxygen.? Yesterday was worse in a while . my O2 x woul dnt go higher than 78 -80 so i went off liquid

And back on concentrator . this way I can push it a little above 2. It has helped. Some times u have to be your own doctor n y go with your gut feelings. Havent. Been to a pulmonologist in a while but new n better health insurance . Good luck to all of you. Has anyone else. Felt like dud to fatigue they are suffering agoraphobia?

Hope you are better soon - nasty injury big hugs xx

I won't give up...i live to aggravate my children!! Haven't seen my g kids in 8 months. They live im new York n om in Fla. But my daughter in law is all about her family. Can u imagine she set n alarm on her phone to remind her to call.unreal. and I fell last fri n she never calls to see how I am. And when i called my son he said he had a cold. His mom has. Copd n vertigo..n he has a little cold

The ME generation. When my mom was sick i called her many times a day. Oh well can't fix them. I have a great cousin

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