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100% loss of appetite

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Over the last 9 months I have gone down from 11 stones 3 lbs to 9 stones 10 lbs. To make the situation worse the hospital [after tests yesterday] say I have the flu virus + a serious chest exacerbation with my Emphysema. My appetite was already not good but now it's non existent. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I've been prescribed Altraplen, but of late even that has been difficult to drink. I have t use a lot of discipline. My BMI is 20.4 and I am 74

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Hi if you are finding eating difficult then why not try the build up drinks? It might be easier to drink than eat and you might be able to even get them prescribed if you are underweight enough. I hope you find some answers. x

Hi Cliff. I'm sorry to hear you're so unwell. Flu's no fun for even the fittest of people. I struggle with my weight and appetite too and know what a slog it is to try and stay a healthy weight when you can't face food (my BMI is 16.9 and I'm eating what feels like loads to me). It's possible your appetite will return when you start getting over the flu and exacerbation. If not, and you keep losing weight, I wonder if it's worth getting prescribed an appetite stimulant (eg Mirtazapine or Quetiapine). I don't know their safety profile with emphysema but I've had both in the past, before diagnosis, and they do make you eat/put on weight. Might be worth looking into. Wishing you a speedy recovery. X

Hi my mother in law was prescribed those build up drinks and yoghurts as she wasn’t eating well and had lost weight. Maybe your gp will do the same for you

Hi Cliff,

I suffer from losing weight and a low BMI. People don't realise what a struggle it is to put on weight. I've found that eating little and more often does help, although I'm not great at doing this. Oatcakes, grapes and cheese help me, also milk and bananas. However, as you haven't been well, maybe best to wait until you get a bit better. The only thing I can add to that, is that you will get better, faster, if your BMI is higher. A low BMI is bad for the immune system, as we have no extra weight to combat loss of weight during illness.

Please take care of yourself.

Hi Cliff, my mum suffered with loss of appetite and I used to make her banana milk shakes with the full fat Jersey milk ,she used to love these. I also made chicken soup so that she always had some in the freezer as she would feel hungry in the middle of the night but couldnt be bothered to make anything and soup can be so nourishing yet easy to eat. Little and often is the key. Speak with your doctor if you feel worried. I hope you pick up soon xx

I suffered with weight loss last year. Asked my GP for weight gain shakes but she referred me to a dietician instead. The dietician suggested having 6 small snack type meals per day including a smoothie everyday with peanut butter! I have banana, blueberry's/strawberries peanut butter, full fat milk and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Delicious and calorific xx

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