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Icy cold sensation between my shoulder blades

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I am getting this sensation all day long.If I'm stood up when I ha e one,sometimes my O2 drops to 53,I don't panic I sit down and do my deep breathing until I get it back 88/89, this is regular for me,takes about 5 minutes.I have COPD ,and on oxygen 24/7.Been to doctor ,didn't examine me and said she wasn't concerned.Anyone else had this.

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Hi. I would be concerned if my 02 dropped that low, is there anyone else you can speak to about it? Do you have appointments at the hospital breathing clinic? If you do, I would give them a ring. Hope you get it sorted out.

Thanks for the reply, did mention it to my doctor, O2 wasn't dropping down then, she said she wasn't concerned.Rung my oxygen nurses and they had never heard of anyone having this.Arranging to see me sometime in February,which is my 6 monthly checkup .

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