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I’ve just been prescribed Trelegy Ellipta inhaler

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I was diagnose with COPD some 11 years ago. I had a great Consultant at the Hammersmith Hosp who told me the best way to take control of my COPD with exercise and diet he also prescribed Tiotropium inhaler that I stayed on for about 6 months.

I the attended a Rehab course which was amazing and really set me on the right path in taking control of my COPD.

The years past I exercised frequently but in truth I don’t think I really am a natural enthusiast, I also made sure my diet improved cutting out junk food and many processed products, I still had binges occasionally on biscuits and wine gums! All these changes really improved both my breathing and mindset.

For the past 9 years I’ve been under the care of my (excellent) GP, after a bad cold he put me on Seritide 500 twice a day. I did have problems mainly with mouth Thrush however much I rinsed our then washing my teeth. Sadly I must admit due to side effects I became one of those patience who took the inhale as and when I felt I needed it but on the whole I was healthy continuing to exercised and was had become used to my breathlessness and wasn’t frightened of pushing myself.

Over the past year my breathing has become harder, my Spiromitory results

was evidence my lungs were getting worse. So I found myself with a new consultant in my local Wiltshire Hosp.

He has put me on Trelegy Ellipta, it made the most amazing difference within days. I’ve returned to walking with my husband and am also returning to my exercise regime this time with enthusiasm. Yes the thrush issue has returned but not as bad as before and my voice is a little husky. For the 1st week or so I did feel somewhat hot-wired, nervy and my emotions were somewhat up and down.

By and large though after being on it now for 1 month I’m pretty positive about it, the nervousness has subsided. How ever much I would like to think I’ll be on it short term I know the chances of this is low as I’m now in stage 3...so more exercise, I’ve cut out sugar ( Grrrr), eating smaller meals but more often and trying hard to regain some of my weight lose over the past 2 months.

I’m also going to attend a refresher Rehab course. The NHS again is pulling through for me, I’m so grateful and reassured its there for us all.

If any one else is on or has been on Trelegy I love to hear your thoughts on it.

5 Replies

Great positive post. It's great that you're giving up sugar. Sugar feeds yeast & candida so if you starve those the thrush should improve. A tip from me to avoid throat thrush, I gargle & rinse my throat before as well as immediately after using my twice daily inhaler. It really helps.

I've not heard about trelegy so good luck with it - you could write it in the search bar & see what comes up.

Good luck to with the PR in Wiltshire. Isn't our NHS wonderful


I tried lots of remedies for oral thrush and as last resort GP prescribed Corsodyl mouthwash, which worked (sometimes simplest things can do the trick). May not work for you but it's worth a try. Good luck with everything x


Hi felixfm you have done a great job controlling your condition can I ask at what stage lung function when first diagnosed. Take care xxx


Hi Christina1947,

I was on the edge of mild/moderate.

I made quite a few changes to my life. Mainly finding an exercise regime

I could find some kind of enjoyment in practicing. Sadly I have never been sporty nor crazy about keep fit, the one thing I did quite enjoy was walking this of course is harder in winter but I searched uTube and watched countless videos but eventually found walking at home videos by an American woman Leslie Sanson. I still use them when the weather is bad and cold, secondly I took up a form T’ai Chi call Qigong, although it’s very slow movement it’s amazing how effective it is and now practised widely around the country.

I now do 2 Aqua Aerobics classes a week which I greatly enjoy as well as a weekly yoga class, yes they do tire me out I usually have to take it easy for several hours in the afternoon, the upside though is I feel so much better both within

myself (my head sometimes

my worse enemy) and physically. However annoying it is when that if you exercise you’ll feel better about life, being a bit bolshy I keep doing it so one day I may prove the experts wrong!

The other important things I’ve learnt over the years to that stress to be avoided at all costs. This of course isn’t that easy in our lives but I’ve had to learn to make an excuse walk away for 10 minutes then go back calmer and sort things out. The other thing is to avoid any one with a sniffle, sneeze of coughing, again not easy if you like going out and about but thankfully last year I only had 2 colds and my doctor prescribed some heavy steroids that seemed to nip things in the bud.

I guess we all find our own way but the advice people contribute

In these posts can be invaluable and

just make one think a different way...

that helps too.

All best



Great post very inspiring. It is so nice to read this because it is spirit lifting. Thank you


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