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I take fostair ,spriva eight oclock in the morning,because fostair two puffs are takten twice a day i quess the next dose should be taken eight oclock at night .my problem is by two oclock in afternoon i am so breathless i find it difficult to do anything .i asked my consultant could i take three times a day ,she said no so i try to hang on untill four oclock ,and take it then ,do anyone else take it before twelve hours are up ,or three times a day ,if i need to go shopping ect i have to do it in morning after taking my sprays ,i welcome any replies

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Do you not have an additional short acting brochialdilator like Ventolin or Bricanyl. I have to use Bricanyl 2 or three times a day.

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Yes 2 greys I have ventolin ,it does nothing for me though,oh it does give me bad cramp lol

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The same here with Ventolin, whilst doing PR the physiotherapist suggested a change to Bricanyl and I have only occasionally had the night cramps. Worth a try, it is a powder inhaler, one puff 4 times a day.

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I'll ask my GP can I try bricanyl, thanks 2 greys

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I hope you find something that helps Alice , I can't suggest anything different apart from explaining it to your GP, they might find something better for you. Anything is worth trying, please take and let us know how you get on. Happy New year 😊 Bernadette xx

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Thanks Bernadette ,happy New year to you

I am like you alice70, but I haven't found anything that lasts 12 hours. This is what helps me. Like you I don't feel vent olin works too well, my doc. Said it does work I am just not noticing an immediate effect. He told me to use a spacer and the mdi inhaler, which does work better, before I use my fostair, 2 puffs. I also then take vent olin before the spiriva at 12.00. At around 3.00 I use vent olin again and just 1 puff of fostair. Then at 10.00pm I have vent olin again and the 1 last puff of fostair. Sounds complicated, but basically you have vent olin 4 times before the others and fostair 3 times but just 4 puffs spread out. It works better.for me that way. You can only try it and see. Good luck pat xxx

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Funny you should about about fostair being spread out four times ,I have been thinking of try it that way,I was in my sister's last week ,it was after dinner ,I was so breathless she gave me one puff of her fostair which carried me over untill eight a clock at night ,I found that surprising ,actually I have done that on two occasions only I have taken five puffs in all ,today I'm going to try it your way ,ill let you no how I get on ,i beleive ventolin is more for those with asthma ,What is a mdi inhailer. Happy New year to you and your

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Hi Tilantoe been using my foster spaced out the last few days ,wo puffs 9oclock morning 1 puff 2 or 3 oclock and one at around 7 oclock at night ,that with turning heating down breathing much better ,thanks for the tip of spreading fostair out

I also wish you a happy New year and hope your giving up smoking is going ok, cos I know how hard it is. Love pat x.

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As for the smoking Tilantoe, I think I'm a hopeless case ,and a sore subject with me and my husband who has never smoked .I am aiming for next weekend I am going to cut down all week then put a patch on ,the thing is with me I can only use patches the lozenges ,sprays ect which you can use as extra aid wreck my sensitive stomach ,the champix ect don't agree with me ,I feel like putting two patches on one as my extra aid umm I wonder if anyone has ever done that,I won't try it without getting advice ,oh dear I am an awkward

I had the same problem with Fostair...I was given another preventer instead.

My friend went back to Symbicort after trying Fostair......but others do well on it, we are all different ...what suits one , may not suit another.

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What were you given instead of fostair knitter, I was given symbicort when I first went on inhalers ,it gave me dreadful leg cramps,true we don't all suit the same thing

When I was on Fostair I was in a similar situation, it made me so breathless I couldn’t do anything, and the slightest effort was a struggle. As soon as I was changed from Fostair my breathing improved. Some people do great with Fostair but it seems it just does not suit some of us. I was on Fostair for six months during which time my ‘life’ was a misery. I don’t know how long you’ve been taking Fostair but if it’s been long enough to give it a chance then maybe you can ask your doctor if you can try a different inhaler as this one doesn’t seem to be working for you.

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I've been on fostair about three years now ,it seems to be losing its strength for me ,or maybe my chest problems have progressed jet when I saw my consultant before Xmas I told her about fostair not working as it should ,she never mentioned changing it or giving me anything stronger ,What inhailer do you take

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I now have Seretide, Spiriva Respimat and Ventolin.

When I had Fostair for six months last year, several times I said it isn't working for me. But like with you, nothing was said about changing it or doing anything about it. If I got any response it was to say that no one else has said anything, or everyone else is happy with it. When it got to the point where I could barely function I think they accepted it wasn't working for me.

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Yes I do think it needs my meds need changing ,I'm a bit confused though ,I have a friend who earnt use fostair she is on seretide hers is for asthma so does that mean seritide is for asthma, three years ago and after a scan I was diagnosed with mild emphysema, and some bronchectases spelling .my spiromitry was 40 they said breathing is mod to severe the 40 was a fv something ,

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I think a lot of these inhalers can be prescribed equally for asthma and COPD.

Hi, I had a similar reaction with fostair. Within an hour of taking it I was reaching for my ventolin. I know it is very effective for some but I just couldn't function at all on it. I switched back to seritide after two weeks and have subsequently changed to symbicort which to date has given me the most relief. I would speak to your GP and see about switching to another inhaler.

Good stotylines

I was on fostair couldn’t breathe at all. Now we’re trying speriva, sirdupla 2 puffs morning and evening through spacer and ventolin when required. Just hope this works. Been so ill for so long. In hospital atm trying to get it all sorted 🤞

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Hope you feel better and get on with your different medications Bailey

Already don’t like it. The speriva works fine but having had the puffs don’t feel as though I can breathe 😡

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We or they will have to keep trying in till right one is found ,best wishes get well soon

I have a similar regime. I take a puff of Tiotropium (Braitus) first thing, two puffs of salmeterol (Neovent) at 10am and another two at 4pm. The tiotropium just wasn't lasting me through the day so Dr added the salmeterol. Then I use salbutamol (Ventolin) up to 4 puffs x 4 times a day but depending on the activity and breathing of the day I don't use the Ventolin so much. So 10am and 4pm seem to work best for me because I don't do much after cooking/eating evening meal. I tend to do my errands/cleaning in the mornings and just potter at my own pace in the pm. Having written all this, I don't know if it helps. Anyway it's nice to know you are not the only one x

Of course it helps Stamford, your right it is good to no I'm not on my own ,I'm trying my med differently today ,thank you for reply

I use ventolin during the day. I am seeing a lung consultant on 18th due to continued breathlessness.

Let us know how you get on Jackie

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I seem

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I seem to be fine on it but my Athena isn't breathlessness its a constant mucus cough I also use Sterima as I find this good

I am on same regimes except I use Symbicort, (which gives you cramps I believe,) not Fostair. Perhaps you get mucus congestion as the day progresses, but the Ventolin should help to lift that along with Carbocisteine capsules. I have to nebulise Salbutamol (Ventolin/Salamol) twice a day, morning and evening, in addition to the Inhaler as required, to help me and it really does, perhaps asking your Pulmonary Specialist for a trial run for yourself would be a good idea. Nebuliser machine is provided on permanent loan foc and if successful, the nebules prescription can then be via your GP.

If you haven't yet seen a Pulmonary Specialist insist on seeing one ASAP.

The emphasis on Fostair seems to be more for Asthma.

Hope you get sorted quickly.

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Yes I think you are right about nebulizer. When I was in hospital over 15 months ago now I was put on nebulizer ,I don't quite no what meds they put in nebulizer I think it was ventolin my breathing was so much better .I don't no if my GP will be able to prescribe nebulizer though, as I saw my consultant just before Xmas, not due to see her again for 4 month ,in my area that 4 months turn into 9 months

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I don't think that a GP can do it, I believe they can only prescribe the medication after a specialist has authorised it and organised the nebuliser. A Respiratory Nurse Specialist is able to do it all, you could ring up your hospital specialist group and speak to one of the nurses, I have found them to be very helpful by doing this, they may get you to pop in and see them.

By the way, your GP Practice may well have a nebuliser to use at the surgery for patients that are having a problem, mine does.

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I'm going to look into it johnem

I take it at 8am and 4am and it works fine for me I don't have any problems not waiting 12 hrs

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This is how I take it to


Hi, that's odd I was told by a hospital consultant I could take Fostair as many times in a day (within reason) so I don't quite understand your GP's reasoning. I take it up to 4 times a day if nothing else moves the breathlessness.


It was my consultant that said no more than twice daily

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