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Persistent chest infection

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Hi, I've been treated for a chest infection 10th Dec 3*500mg amoxicillin for 7 days, that didn't work. went back on 23rd and got 7 days doxycycline, still no better so returned this monday 31st and got another 7 days doxycycline and 30mg prednisalone. i feel better in my self (probably the steroids) still 2 tablets to take but still coughing white phlegm up broken sleep in night for 4 weeks so really tired... - is this normal?

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Doxycycline is one of the more potent antibiotics, white phlegm is a good sign. The steroids are probably the culprit for causing your broken sleep, it is best to take them first thing in the morning.

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SJT73 in reply to 2greys

The coughing has kept me awake, every hour at least waking up coughing. Just get to a point and wonder if it's something else..

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2greys in reply to SJT73

Then you will need to go back to your GP, it will need further investigation, you may need a referral to a hospital consultant.

I had the whole of January last year with a bad chest infection , couldn’t lie down for a month! Hope it clears soon and if not once your meds are finished please go and get your chest re tested at your doctors . You could take a sputum sample if you think you may be still infected. I buy NAC online to stop the phlegm building up.

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SJT73 in reply to Chriskho

Thanks, I only woke up 3 times last night but can still feel the crackle. Last day of antibiotics tomorrow if I'm no better I'll go back to docs with a sample. Need to get to bottom of it, everything white so not sure if an infection or what's causing it. Half of me thinks may need to change my asthma inhaler but will see what doc days.

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Chriskho in reply to SJT73

Do you have a persistent build up of phlegm? What is your lung condition?

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SJT73 in reply to Chriskho

Ok as far as I'm aware, normally pretty healthy. Not had a cold for over 18 months... Yes do keep having to clear phlegm.

Good evening Chrisko.

Hope you don’t mind me asking you a question but I was interested in your use of NAC, as I had considered using it ages ago and then actually forgot all about it until I read your post.

I have just googled it and there have certianly been many studies done with it.

Have you found that it has reduced the number of exacerbations or the severity/ length of them please?

Shortly after being told I had COPD and asthma I had 2 infections in the first year and 5 last year. My gp says this is “ normal.”

However that is not the word that I would use.

He says I does not need to be referred to a specialist so I am trying to find something that will help me to build my immunity going forward.

Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and good wishes.

I started using it after a severe flare up when my sputum was very thick, constant and hard to clear. Thought it may be more of a natural product than having meds for this from the GP.

Many thanks. Kind regards

Hi has the doc suggested that you may have reflux which is worsened with COPD. I, like someone else, believe that white/clear sputum shows its clearing. I have COPD and reflux and they do aggravate one another. I have had a couple of bouts of infection but x rays show no problems.

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Chriskho in reply to ssafa

My flare ups seem to start off with acid reflux symptoms. I. E if my throat starts to feel sore more times than not rennies soothe it more than throat lozenges.

No nothing before this started 3 weeks ago...

Hi did it get sorted ?

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SJT73 in reply to Kevin01041961

Hi it did thank you. I just needed to double up on preventative clenil inhaler and it went within a week.

It did last 10 week's in all though, 4 lots of anti biotics and 2 steroid courses, i even had a chest x-ray to check nothing sinister.

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