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Hyacinth bulbs causing breathing difficulties?

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My daughter in law bought me some lovely hyacinth bulbs in a basket for my birthday. They have now started to flower and the perfume from them fills the room. But, since they started to flower my chest has become tight and my breathing has gone off. I am also coughing more. I don't have asthma, my problem is emphysema. And I have never had hay fever. My question is, could it be the hyacinth flowers, as I don't feel as though I have a chest infection. Also a happy New year to you all and I wish you easy breathing. Pat xxx

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Happy belated birthday wishes! Hyacinths have a very strong scent which is lovely but always makes me feel like I’m choking. I don’t know if there’s something different about hyacinths than other flowers. They seem to have the effect that scented candles do. Which is too bad because they’re really nice.

Thankyou, you are right about scented candles, I also have a problem with the plug ins. Think I will move them into the porch.. shame, cos they are lovely.

Dont quote me on this but i was told that flowers are no longef allowed on certain hospital wings because of the adverse effect the pollen can have on some peoples breathing .

Thankyou x

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That's certainly true in my hospital, the last time I was in their (Pseudomonas AND Pneumonia) On Oxygen and unconscious with sepsis, my daughter brought me some beautiful Roses and I had to ask her to take them home. I were proper upset. :-(

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Another pseudomonas person. Theres seems to be a lot of us about. Many more than i thought, mines being a nightmare at the moment and my stats are down to 85. Went to pulmony rehab yesterday and they really weren't happy with my stats.

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Mine is being good at the moment - I hope it stays that way. I have a Pulse Oximeter at home and stats are around 95. Got it from Amazon. Hope things improve for you. Am I right in assuming you have Bronchiectasis?

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Yeah sadly i do. Ive got 2 oxymetres. My stats are normally about 94 but ive felt the pseudo building up in my left lung for a while now. Consultant gave me cipro a few weeks ago but they do nothing. I told him they wouldnt but hey ho, it will be docs monday.

Hi Pat, As with any Flowers /Plants in the same room as you, they do take the Oxygen from your Space. Please be aware. I have had lots bought recently, and have had to put them in Other rooms so they are not near me, as much as I love them, I want to be able to Breathe. Best Wishes, Hun. xxxx

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Tilantoe in reply to Hacienda

Thankyou, I was unaware of the oxygen connection. I am afraid no matter how nice they are they have to go.😟😥

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Bkin in reply to Hacienda

Oxygen producing plants and improving air quality, these are the ones to go for wiki.nurserylive.com/t/top-...

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Tilantoe in reply to Bkin

Thankyou for the.link. looks like my orchids can stay. And will purchase a couple of the plants on there to keep them company.!

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Hacienda in reply to Bkin

Thank You Bkin, I will save this link for my Next Garden & Indoor Planting , hopefully in March/April. When asked which Plant I would Like, I will know the Best 02 for me. Love n Hugs XXXX

Maybe put the hyacinths in another room as they do seem to be having an adverse affect. Wishing you well. Hope you had a good birthday. Xxx 🎉😘

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Tilantoe in reply to sassy59

Thankyou, they are very strong, and I know some flowers have upset me in the past. Particularly lollies. They will be relegated to the porch. Then I will see if I improve and not coming down with something. How's Pete doing. Is his leg improving? I sincerely hope so. Love pat xxx

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sassy59 in reply to Tilantoe

Hi Pat, hope things improve soon. Pete’s leg is doing well but he’s coughing a lot and bringing up clear, sticky mucus so that’s not great.

Thank you for asking after Pete and take care xxxxx

Different people are susceptible to different triggers. There are many things that can be a trigger that affects breathing, some can act extremely fast and some can also last for a long period of time. It may well be that the scent of the Hyacinth flower is now a trigger for you. Try moving them to a room you do not use for a while to see if your breathing improves, it could also just be a coincidence.

It is a bit of a nightmare trying to figure out just what our individual triggers are and remembering them whilst preoccupied, like out shopping in town. Our lives change in so more ways than one with this horrendous disease

Some, but not all, perfumes can affect me in a big way, enough to be blue lighted to hospital on one occasion, with very low sats and extremely high blood pressure.

The affects of breathing in smoke from a wood burner will last for 24 hours with me. I now hate the winter months because of it, if I need to go out in the evenings, then it is no walking or buses, I have to pay out for a taxi to go from door to door to avoid those fumes. One wood burner can actually emit more 2.5 particulate matter per hour than a 1,000 cars!

That’s crazy about the wood burners, I didn’t know that. We had wood burning stoves for heating and for cooking until just a few years ago.


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Tilantoe in reply to 2greys

Thankyou, I have noticed a lot of things seem to affect my breathing these days, and like you wood burners are an absolute nightmare. It's hard to work out sometimes what is causing it. Love pat xxx

Oh yes they are highly scented, great for in the garden and will come up next year. I don't grow sweet peas in the garden any more for the exact same reason.

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Tilantoe in reply to Bkin

Thankyou, better avoid sweet peas too then.🤣

Yep, hyacinths and lilies are a no go in our house. Lots of oxygen producing plants though.

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Tilantoe in reply to AngieB72

Thankyou, I have put them in porch. Breathing better already. And no wheezing this morning.

Hmm I’d remove them all together! I had to stop using bleach and candles to .. x

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Tilantoe in reply to Candyred

Thankyou. Relegated to porch! Sister in law was upset that she had made me ill, and taking them away today. Too nice to throw in bin.

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